Miss Intercontinental 2019 predictions: Brenda Suarez, Emma Mary Tiglao, Menna Abaza, Yick Yu Lok, Sophia Perle, Sahar Akber

Miss Intercontinental 2018 Karen Gallman, 27, of the Philippines will crown her successor at the Hotel Sunrise Montemare Resort in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt on December 20, 2019. Among the 75 candidates, here are the women who I and my co-writer Erika Diaz Mendoza believe are most likely to make it to the top:

Erika Diaz Mendoza Lao’s Top 10:

  1. Brenda Suarez (Venezuela)
  2. Emma Mary Tiglao (Philippines)
  3. Yick Yu Lok (Hong Kong)
  4. Dane Venter (South Africa)
  5. Monika Kuzmova (Slovakia)
  6. Anna Michela Ciornea (Romania)
  7. Naruemon Khampan (Thailand)
  8. Angela Anchevska (Macedonia)
  9. Courtney Mandock (Canada)
  10. Sahar Akber (Azerbaijan)

My Top 10:

  1. Brenda Suarez (Venezuela)
  2. Menna Abaza (Egypt)
  3. Sophia Perle (Cameroon)
  4. Emma Mary Tiglao (Philippines)
  5. Sahar Akber (Azerbaijan)
  6. Miroslava Pikolova (Czech Republic)
  7. Shafali Bechoe (Netherlands)
  8. Monica Aguilar (United States)
  9. Anna Michela Ciornea (Romania)
  10. Devy Gonzalez Jaen (Costa Rica)

Our final combined predictions:

predicted 5th runner-up

Sahar Akber | Azerbaijan


predicted 4th runner-up

Sophia Perle | Cameroon


predicted 3rd runner-up

Yick Yu Lok | Hong Kong


predicted 2nd runner-up

Menna Abaza | Egypt


predicted 1st runner-up

Emma Mary Tiglao | Philippines


predicted Miss Continental 2019

Brenda Suarez | Venezuela

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