Armenia’s Valodya Gabrielyan crowned Mister Model Worldwide Europe 2019 in New Delhi, India

Representing Armenia, Valodya Gabrielyan, 22, was one of the four continental winners at the recently concluded Mister Model Worldwide 2019. It was the second edition of the India-based international male modeling competition.

Gabrielyan was born on March 22, 1997 and is currently based in Hok, Sweden. He works at the Children of Armenia Fund, which was founded to provide Armenian children, youth and families in the rural communities with opportunities to realize their potential and achieve their own unique greatness.


Including Gabrielyan, 18 candidates competed in Mister Model Worldwide 2019, which kicked off on December 16, 2019. They had a photo shoot wearing swimwear designed by Sony Boy Mindo, walked in a fashion show wearing tuxedo and exhibited their beauty and patriotism in a national costume show.

During the coronation night at the City Park Resort in New Delhi, India on December 21, 2019, Gabrielyan was Mister Model Worldwide Europe 2019. His fellow continental winners were Mister Model Worldwide Americas 2019 Ricardo Almanzar Suarez, 26, of the United States, Mister Model Worldwide Africa 2019 Tokelo Holejane, 21, of South Africa, Mister Model Worldwide Asia 2019 Yogesh Sharma, 28, of India.

Succeeding Carlo Pasion, 24, of the Philippines, Vladimir Mozorov, 32, of Kazakhstan was crowned Mister Model Worldwide 2019 while Khunphan Suphachok, 24, of Thailand was named the inaugural Mister Tourism Worldwide 2019. Kim Hyeon Joong, 24, of South Korea was first runner-up while Sultan Haseeb Amanzai, 20, of Afghanistan, Bonface Lwako Songole, 24, of Kenya and Nasrul Izzati Zahari, 23, of Malaysia were the respective second, third and fourth runners-up.

Mozorov was named Mister Perfect Body while Lhakpa Dendup of Bhutan won the most votes for People’s Choice. Zahari was Best in Talent and Best in National Costume.

Runner-up to Zahari as Best in Talent was Gabrielyan. The representative of Armenia also earned the third highest number of votes as People’s Choice.

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