Ucayali, Peru’s Tiffany Yoko Chong named Miss Intercontinental 2019 fourth runner-up in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt

Representing Peru, Tiffany Yoko Chong Campos, 23, almost won Miss Intercontinental 2019 in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt. She was the fourth runner-up of the 48th edition of the international beauty contest founded by Rene Lacle in 1971.

Born in Ucayali, Peru to a Peruvian mother and a Chinese father, Chong works as a model while studying Interior Architecture. She loves reading books, traveling, painting, drawing and dancing.

Originally, Chong was crowned Miss Peru Supranational 2019 in the original Miss Peru 2019 beauty pageant on October 21, 2018. However, the Ucayali native was dethroned and replaced by Janick Maceta, who went on to become Miss Supranational 2019 third runner-up.

The Peruvian-Chinese model was accused of exhibiting inappropriate behavior after a trip sponsored by the Miss Peru organization. Eventually, Chong she proven innocent and was appointed Miss Peru Intercontinental 2019.


At Miss Intercontinental 2019, Venter competed against 74 other candidates. It was Fanni Mikó, 22, of Hungary who was crowned as the successor of Miss Intercontinental 2018 Karen Gallman, 27, of the Philippines.

Miss Intercontinental India 2018 Suman Chellani, 28, and MODAVISION organizer Holger Salmen, 41, of Germany hosted the Miss Intercontinental 2019 coronation night at the Hotel Sunrie Montemare Resort in Sharm El Sheikh on December 20, 2019. Television hot Hector Gonzales Colon of Puerto Rico was the backstage host.

Gallman also joined the panel of judges. Her fellow judges were Miss Intercontinental 2010 Maydelise Columna of Puerto Rico, Top Model of the World 2018 Janet Leyva of Peru, Times Models Zurich owner Christoph Locher of Switzerland, actress Cinthia Aparico of Mexico and marketing director Habiba Eishaer.

Mónica Aguilar, 20, was runner-up to Miko. Naruemon Khampan, 21, of Thailand and South Africa, Dane Venter, 23, were the respective second and third runners-up.

Moreover, Chong was crowned Miss Intercontinental South America 2019 while Miko was Miss Intercontinental Europe 2019 and Aguilar was Miss Intercontinental North America 2019. Their fellow continental queens were Khampan and Venter as Miss Intercontinental Asia and Oceania 2019 and was crowned Miss Intercontinental Africa 2019, respectively.

Venter, Safina Gaibova, 19, of Tajikistan and Betania Rojas, 25, of Colombia won the sponsors’ awards. They were named Miss Direct Pass, Miss Diamond Palace and Miss Sunrise Resort, respectively.

Emma Mary Francisco Tiglao, 24, of the Philippines was voted Miss Popularity. Hilary Castillo Cuming, 28, of Guatemala, Vanessa Gutiérrez Fernández, 23, of Spain and Devy González Jaén, 25, of Costa Rica were the respective winners of the special awards Best in National Costume, Best in Evening Gown and Best Body.

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