UP Fighting Maroons’ Kobe Paras gets haircut makeover from Head & Shoulders

Dave Ildefonso, Kobe Paras, Shaun Ildefonso

Dave Ildefonso, Kobe Paras, Shaun Ildefonso

Head & Shoulders recently gave Kobe Paras, 22, of UP Fighting Maroons a haircut makeover while the University Athletic Association of the Philippines Season 82 heat is on. The anti-dandruff shampoo is introducing #ScalpBrave with the young basketball star.

#ScalpBrave is the confidence to flex the dandruff-free, manly fresh-smelling scalp even during high-sweaty conditions, all thanks to Head & Shoulders Ultramen. This initiative gathers today’s hottest UAAP athletes to undergo a haircut makeover at Felipe & Sons.

What better way to showcase a dandruff-free scalp than through a basketball star whose daily grind revolve around heat and sweat? Paras shared his scalp and hair problems off and on the court and how Head & Shoulders gave them the ultra solution for their scalp needs with Head & Shoulders Ultramen.

Paras shared his scalp and hair problems on the court. The UP Fighting Maroons prefers to keep a shorter, cleaner haircut to prevent his scalp from profusely sweating due to heat.

Sobrang (too much) hassle,” Paras said. “Pag mahaba yung buhok, kailangan mong ayusin lagi (If your hair is long, you have to always fix it).”

Felipe & Sons barbers gave Paras a haircut based on the game position he is famously known for. He is the UP Fighting Maroons’ Slasher, the player in the game who tries to get as close as possible to the basket to make a shot.

With Paras’s Buzz cut as the base, his hair was topped off with two parallel razor lines, a mark that signifies the “slash”. To maintain a clean scalp and a cool head, he approves that Head & Shoulders Ultramen fights against heat to avoid dandruff and itch caused by sweating.

With proper care from the cutting-edge formula of Head & Shoulders Ultramen, anyone can sport a #ScalpBrave haircut like Paras. Every man can make his scalp feel invigoratingly cool with Ultramen Cool Menthol or masculine fragrant from Sandalwood notes with Ultramen Old Spice.

Men’s scalp produces four times more sebum compared to women. Sebum is the oily secretion of the skin caused by heat and sweat among other factors and too much sebum on the scalp leads to dandruff, which explains why men are more prone to dandruff than women.

UAAP stars and siblings Shaun Ildefonso, 22, and Dave Ildefonso, 19, also recommend Head & Shoulders Ultramen. Check Paras’s Slasher insiped haircut here:

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