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How does the burgeoning US iGaming scene compare to its UK counterpart?

casino (©Longxiang Qian)

casino (©Longxiang Qian)

Across the United States, states are beginning to embrace the iGaming industry. While Nevada has been a world-renowned gambling hub for decades, after the U.S. Supreme Court gave the all-clear in 2018, Delaware and New Jersey were the first to jump at the opportunity to introduce iGaming to their residents.

New Jersey is the spearhead of the move that allowed all U.S. states to introduce the iGaming industry at their own discretion. It has been going from strength-to-strength in the industry, with similar strong growth being seen in Delaware, too.

But how do the burgeoning iGaming scene in these two pioneering states compare to that of a leading market, the United Kingdom?

A high standard set by the UK

The U.K. iGaming industry is huge, despite the country being geographically small . From April 2018 to March 2019, the latest statistics show that the total gross gambling yield for the U.K. gambling industry was £14.4 billion ($18.9 billion). Of that £14.4 billion, £5.3 billion ($7 billion) came from the iGaming industry set up in the country, per

The industry has been able to flourish under the regulation of the U.K. Gambling Commission. Hell-bent on creating an online gambling scene in which players can be entertained and protected, the trust in the iGaming scene has allowed for many leading brands to set up shop with the ever increasing competition forcing platforms to improve continually.

Platforms have to remain competitive at all times, showcasing the health of the iGaming scene in the U.K. You only have to look as far as to see that, to remain at the top of the pile, big brands have to host a wide range of popular games and continue to add new ones, such as Book of Dead, Wolf Gold, Great Rhino and Eye of Horus Megaways, as well as run multiple lines of promotions.

The U.K. iGaming scene is one of the strongest in the world. But how does the young U.S. iGaming scene compare?

Budding US iGaming industries growing well

As a young iGaming industry in both New Jersey and Delaware, you would be right to assume that they are not as strong as that of the U.K. yet. That said, the two have reported exponential growth in the remote sector of their respective gambling scenes.

According to, iGaming brought in $433 million (£329 million) in revenue from January to November in 2019, marking a 60 percent increase over the same period in 2018. The growth is bound to attract more brands to the area, hopefully enhancing the competition and further improving the games on offer.

The same can be said of the young but rapidly growing iGaming scene in Delaware. The Diamond State, the first to bring in the iGaming industry under the 2018 ruling, has experienced a stark 30.4 percent year-on-year increase in monthly revenue, as, shows, generating $290,199 (£220,533) in August 2019. However, the state was noted as having hit a bit of a bum note in October 2019 after hitting year-low revenues of $246,092 (£187,014) but recovered with $376,331 (£285,988) in November 2019.

The iGaming markets in the burgeoning U.S. states have a long way to go but, being so young, the growth rates posted are already very impressive. As revenues continue to increase, more operators will aim to increase the competition in the likes of New Jersey and Delaware, creating a strong and healthy industry such as in the U.K.

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