‘Miss Americana’ star Taylor Swift loves how Jameela Jamil speaks about body image

Taylor Swift

Featuring Taylor Swift, 30, Netflix documentary film “Miss Americana” sheds light on body image. One of the persons the singer-songwriter looks up to when it comes to discussing this particular topic is actress-model-writer Jameela Jamil, 33, of the United Kingdom.

“I love people like Jameela Jamil because she says things in a really articulate way,” Swift told Variety. “The way she speaks about body image, it’s almost like she speaks in a hook. If you read her quotes about women and body image and aging and the way that women are treated in our industry and portrayed in the media, (it will have a great impact on you).”

“I swear the way she speaks is like lyrics and it gets stuck in my head and it calms me down because women are held to such a ridiculous standard of beauty,” Taylor said of Jamil. “We’re seeing so much on social media that makes us feel like we are less than or we’re not what we should be, that you kind of need a mantra to repeat in your head when you start to have harmful or unhealthy thoughts so she’s one of the people who, when I read what she says, it sticks with me and it helps me.”


Born in Reading, Pennsylvania, United States on December 13, 1989 to Scott Kingsley Swift and Andrea Gardner Swift, Taylor was named after singer-songwriter James Taylor. Big Machine Records released Taylor’s self-titled debut studio album on October 24, 2006.

In one of the segments of “Miss Americana,” Swift confessed that she used to struggle with an eating disorder. On January 23, 2020, the film made its debut at the opening night of 2020 Sundance Film Festival at the Eccles Theatre in Park City, Utah, USA.

Directed by Lana Wilson, “Miss Americana” will be released on Netflix and in select theaters on January 31, 2020. Here is the official trailer:

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