Estonia’s Elina Pronina crowned Supermodel International 2019 in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Representing Estonia, Elina Pronina was declared as the winner of the ninth edition of Supermodel International. She was crowned at the Siam Dragon Theatre in Chiang Mai, Thailand on February 8, 2020.

Pronina hails from Tallinn, Estonia. She attended Saint Petersburg State Medical University in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Including Pronina, 26 models from around the world competed in Supermodel International 2019. The preliminary competition took place at the Grand Morocc Hotel in Chiang Mai on February 7, 2020.

Prior to the coronation night, the contestants participated in various photoshoots, in which they exhibited their modelling skills with different themes including natural beauty, national costumes and swimwear. Among their photographers were Thanakorn Chotphruekchookul and David Ryo.


Runner-up to Pronina was Danielle Van Zyl of South Africa. The respective second, third and fourth runners-up were Sayuri Jayarathne of Sri Lanka, Mar Arias of Dominican Republic and Namhee Jo of South Korea.

Arias was also Supermodel of the Americas 2019. Her fellow continental winners were Supermodel of Europe 2019 Matilde Lima of Portugal, Supermodel of Africa 2019 Enanga Ndolo of Cameroon and Supermodel of Asia and Oceania 2019 Phoebe Denight Palisoc of Guam.

Palisoc was voted Miss Congeniality while Tatyana Austria of the Philippines received the most votes to win the New Face Model award. Van Zyl was Miss Photogenic, Alice Teh of Malaysia was Best in Catwalk and Christina Mayangat of Canada was Best in National Costume.


It was Duong Nguyen Kha Tran of Vietnam who won the eighth Supermodel International edition in Bangkok, Thailand on September 3, 2018 with N’mah Camara of Switzerland as her runner-up. Jihyun Yoo of South Korea, Natalia Kowalczyk of Poland and Janice Babel of the Netherlands were the respective second, third and fourth runners-up.

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