Complete list of Juego Todo Season 2 fighters

Genil Francisco

Genil Francisco

The Underground Battleground Mixed Martial Arts (UGB MMA) has released the official list of the fighters participating in the second season of Juego Todo, the weaponized cage fighting tournament established by UGB MMA founder Ferdinand “Papa Goat” Munsayac. A total of 16 martial artists will compete in the eliminations, which will kick off in April 2020.

In December 2020, the Juego Todo Season 2 grand winner will face reigning champion Genil Francisco, who received a house and lot, among others, after winning the first season in December 2019. Here is the complete list of the athletes who have a chance to challenge the reigning champion:



1 Charlie Mingoy Jr. Modern Arnis Tapi-Tapi
2 Mark Joseph Abrillo YawYan Kampilan
3 Paolo Dancel independent ‘diverse’
4 Arjay Iman independent ‘Elostrisimo Ampo’
5 Jupiter Benig Lora Lion’s Den
6 Arnel Gruta Regulus Martial Arts
7 John Arnel Carreon Sandata Kamao FMA
8 Juvanie Bacus Sandata Kamao FMA ‘JuegoTodo’
9 Bienmar Beniza Sandata Kamao FMA
10 Maximo Taburnal Arnis De Caballes
11 Jovanie Bualan BJMMA ‘DocePares’
12 CJ “GoldenBoy” De Tomas UGBMMA JuegoTodo
13 Frankly Navarro JuMuay Dumog Masbatenio
14 Zep Warren Gamay MalikMata Kali JuegoTodo
15 Orly Navelgas JuMuay Dumog Masbatenio
16 John Paul Aguja Baldugan System


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