IMMAF launches Women’s Commission on International Women’s Day


Celebrating the International Women’s Day, the International Mixed Martial Arts Federation launched its own Women’s Commission on March 8, 2020. The chairperson of the new commission is Hayzia Belem of France.

Belem hosted the first session of the commission on International Women’s Day. Gosha Malik of England is the staff liaison while Sharif Bapu of India and Veronika Nabaltska of Bulgaria are members of the commission.

“I’m proud of the representation and achievements of women in the IMMAF family as we continue to work to encourage greater female participation at all levels of the sport,” IMMAF president Kerrith Brown said. “The IMMAF Women’s Commission has been founded to further women’s development within MMA. On behalf of IMMAF, I’d like to wish the women of MMA around the world a happy International Women’s Day.”

For more information on the IMMAF’s Women’s Commission please contact The goals of the commission are:

  • to encourage women to practice MMA
  • to fight against gender prejudice in MMA
  • to promote gender equality in MMA and sport generally
  • to fight against harassment in combat sports
  • to support women to develop their skills within MMA organizations (coaches, referees and other officials, administrators, etc.)
  • to support women to gain leadership positions at IMMAF and its federations
  • to empower women and girls through MMA
  • to show the financial benefits of promoting women in MMA
  • to recognize the achievements of individuals and organizations promoting women in MMA (amateur and professional)


In other news, MMA fans can tune into to relive a host of world-class finishes and elite MMA action. In 2020, IMMAF TV will be live streaming from all its championships as listed below:


March: 2020 Oceania Open Championships
April:   2020 Africa Open Championships
May:   2020 Pan America Championships


June:    2020 Asian & Junior Asian Open Championships
August: 2020 European Open and Junior European Open Championships
August: 2020 Youth World Championships
October/November – TBC: 2020 World and Junior World Championships

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