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New Zealand’s 40 most handsome men alive 2020

Majority of the population of New Zealand is of European descent while the largest minority is the indigenous Māori. Located in the Pacific Ocean, the sovereign island country has two main landmasses called Te Ika-a-Māui (North Island) and Te Waipounamu (South Island).

The Polynesians who started to settle in the islands between 1280 and 1350 developed a distinctive Māori culture. In 1642, Dutch seafarer, explorer and merchant Abel Tasman became the first European to reach the islands.

In 1947, full statutory independence was gained by New Zealand, which was formerly a dominion within the British Empire, with the British monarch still the head of state. The official languages of the Oceanian country are English, Māori and the New Zealand Sign Language.

New Zealand is home to beautiful tourist spots, including the Abel Tasman National Park, Kaikoura and the Milford Sound, and beautiful citizens. Here is the 2020 list of the 40 most handsome living men who are of Kiwi descent, are citizens of New Zealand or were born in the Oceanian country:


#40 | Joseph Parker

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Welcome to my house 🎞: @kerryrusselltv

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#39 | Ben Boyce


#38 | Kieran Charnock


#37 | Bill English


#36 | Trent Boult


#35 | Tai Wynyard


#34 | Shane Cortese


#33 | Ev Ting


#32 | Pana Hema Taylor


#31 | Jason Erceg


#30 | Blair Tuke


#29 | James Rolleston


#28 | Sonny Bill Williams


#27 | Quinton Hiini


#26 | Stan Walker

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Find the light 😂😂😂 📸 – @rafwtr

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#25 | Kieran Read


#24 | Corey James Anderson


#23 | Clint Randell


#22 | Phil Somerville


#21 | Antony Starr

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Because we are all slowly getting on the train of isolating, I thought I’d share some images of my last week. It’s been that long since myself and everyone I know has been doing the right thing and keeping to ourselves to help everyone. And that’s what it’s about -EVERYONE – not just you. We all in this crazy shit together even though we are apart. And if we are smart and do it right, we will be back in business in no time. But the key is to do the right thing NOW. We all want to get back to normal but the only thing that will make that happen is to do the right thing now, without having to be told to. So just suck it up and do it. Good times are ahead, just persevere and stay SANE!!! #homelander @theboystv @amazonprimevideo #bansheetvshow #shorttermlosslongtermgains Ps – banshee screening on @amazonprimevideo as is @theboystv

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#20 | Karl Urban


#19 | Levi Holley


#18 | KJ Apa


#17 | Vivian “Jinrong” Dawson

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How to make a S'more. 😁

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#16 | Taika Waititi


#15 | Dai Henwood


#14 | Dan Carter


#13 | Temuera Morrison


#12 | Francis Mossman


#11 | Joe Naufahu


#10 | Cliff Curtis


#9 | Colin Mathura-Jeffree


#8 | Richie McCaw


#7 | Martin Henderson

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In this scary, challenging time (and yes thanks, I got in touch with my dad🙏🏻) I wanted to pass on some words that a friend, @annekrough2 sent to me from the Danish Government…(what a rad country): Be cautious and responsible, but remember to be kind, to inspire, to reach out and care about everyone. Talk to your kids about the troubles and that is okay to be afraid. Call the elderly who are more alone than ever. Find community is new ways – use the digital platforms. Help people gather by arranging online events. When we are apart anxiety can get the better of all of us. Let people know they are not alone even if they have no family. We are all in this together.

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#6 | Dean O’Gorman


#5 | Matt Whelan


#4 | Sam Neill


#3 | Jay Ryan


#2 | Brendon McCullum


#1 | Manu Bennett

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