Foxela, Chelsea Cara’s ‘wanted you so bad’ released via Umami Records

Chelsea Cara, Foxela

Chelsea Cara, Foxela

Singaporean electronic producer Nigel “Foxela” Quah, 17, and alt pop singer-songwriter Chelsea Cara released their brand new single “wanted you so bad” via Singapore indie label Umami Records on May 1, 2020. The latter decided to write the song after experiencing rejection from someone she really liked.

“I tried to show the dilemma I was facing and the painful choices I had to make,” Cara shared. “I had all these emotions I was trying to make sense of.”

“Am I building a wall just to break it?” Cara sings and builds up to Foxela’s cathartic instrumental drop. “Am I strong enough to hold it down? But with one look, oh no, you got me now.”

In “wanted you so bad,” Cara channels her frustrations with a delicate but soulful performance that feels at home with the song’s tropical house-inspired production. It is the second single she and Foxela have worked on together.

“The drop is definitely my favorite part of the song,” Foxela said. “I wanted to push myself outside of my comfort zone and I’m really happy with the result.”

Foxela and Cara are classmates and their first collaboration song “Live On” was released earlier this year. Through 2020, the former will be keeping up the prolific pace of his work with a new release planned for every month, including upcoming collaborationss with Dr. Boomy, DNAKM and Tyraz.

Crafting music with a blend of future bass, future house and a touch of pop, Foxela became the youngest Singaporean to reach a million streams on Spotify at the age of 17. He ventured into the realms of music production at the tender age of 9, sharing his older sister’s Macbook when she did not need it for school.

Since starting the Foxela project in 2016, his prolific pace has led to more than 40 releases already under his belt. In 2019, he released “As You Do,” which reached number 13 on Spotify’s official Singapore Viral 50 chart, surpassing Billie Eilish and BTS, both of whom have yet to respond to his offers for a collaboration, followed by “Wild Love,” which has more than 330,000 streams on Spotify.

Foxela has also been featured on various Spotify editorial playlists such as Top Hits Singapore, Singapore’s Top Acts, Electro Mix and Party Life. Follow him here: Instagram · Twitter · Facebook · YouTube · Soundcloud


A bright new upcoming talent hailing from Singapore, Cara debuted in 2020 with her first feature “Live On” with Foxela and brittle bear. She mainly writes pop songs while exploring other genres such as R&B and lo-fi.

Writing songs from personal experiences, Cara wishes to touch and inspire young hearts through her music. Follow her here: Instagram · Twitter · Facebook · Soundcloud

“wanted you so bad” by Foxela and Chelsea Cara is available everywhere at this link. Here is the lyric video:

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