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Rico Blanco’s ‘This Too Shall Pass’ music video now on YouTube

Rico Blanco

Rico Blanco

Rico Blanco has finally dropped the official music video for “This Too Shall Pass,” his new solo single in four years. With various footage taken here and abroad, the visuals for the song take a closer look at how the pandemic has brought the entire world to a standstill.

Given the unprecedented uncertainty and challenges that new coronavirus (COVID-19) poses, the video doubles as a tribute to the unsung heroes and frontliners leading the fight against an invisible enemy, showing us the true meaning of bayanihan in times of crisis.

Intercut with scenes of the new normal from around the globe, it also depicts the alt-rock icon performing the song at the confines of his home. While devoid of flashy production designs and envelope-pushing concepts, it is framed with an underlying message of resilience and hope.


Two weeks earlier, “This Too Shall Pass” was released on all digital and streaming platforms worldwide under Sony Music. The massive anthem has received critical acclaim from various publications in the Philippines.

To help fund the collective COVID-19 response in the country, Blanco is waiving his artist royalties for the music video of “This Too Shall Pass.” Sony Music Philippines will be donating 100 percent of the net global proceeds to for the first six months of release.

The site contains inspiring stories and messages of encouragement to people at the frontline of fighting the pandemic. Its name means “hopefully” in Visayan.

Using the tagline #MakeHopeViral, to date, the site has raised 4.6 million pesos for personal protective equipment (PPEs) and nutrition support for frontline healthcare workers, COVID-19 testing kits and relief goods for daily wage workers. Other SME Philippines artists with messages of support & encouragement on the site are SB19, Zelijah, Dionela, Nathan and Mercury, Alex Bruce, Ace Banzuelo and syd hartha.

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