‘Bake Off Argentina’ Season 2: Agustina Fontenla, Agustina Guz, Angelo Pedrazzoli, Damian Pier Basile, Samanta Casais

Pamela Villar, Christophe Krywonis, Paula Chaves, Damián Betular

Pamela Villar, Christophe Krywonis, Paula Chaves, Damián Betular

Hosted by Paula Chaves, the second season of “Bake Off Argentina” gathered 14 Argentine amateur bakers together to exhibit their pastry skills in a culinary competition. Featuring Christophe Krywonis, Damián Betular and Pamela Villar as judges, the show is produced by Turner International Argentina and filmed in Pilar, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

“Bake Off Argentina” Season 2 premiered on Telefe on March 1, 2020. The first eliminated contestants were hostel manager Leandro Molina, 34, of Merida, Venezuela, retired woman Rita Pinacentini, 64, of Buenos Aires, administrative employees Gabriel Maceiras, 49, of General Pacheco and Raquel Szamewick, 38, of Burzaco, student Martina Di Saia, 23, of Ushuaia, entrepreneur Marcos Perren, 19, of Florencio Varela, tourism employee Sonia Berwanger, 51, of Corrientes and special education student Carolina Tannoni, 26, of San Miguel de Tucuman.


The contestant who was most recently eliminated was administrative employee Gerardo Dominguez, 42, of Mendoza. Here are the five bakers who are still in the competition:


Samanta Casais

  • age: 29
  • hometown: Buenos Aires
  • occupation: administrative employee


Damian Pier Basile

  • age: 30
  • hometown: Rosario
  • occupation: commerce employee


Angelo Pedrazzoli

  • age: 19
  • hometown: Gualeguay
  • occupation: student


Agustina Guz

  • age: 30
  • hometown: Ramos Mejia
  • occupation: sommelier


Agustina Fontenla

  • age: 30
  • hometown: San Antonio Oeste
  • occupation: lawyer

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