J Alexander Kueng ethnicity: Former Minneapolis cop is Swiss?

J Alexander Kueng (©Hennepin County Jail)

J Alexander Kueng (©Hennepin County Jail)


J Alexander Kueng‘s ethnicity has been revealed. It has been confirmed that he is African-American but whether or not he is of Swiss descent is still unknown.

Born on October 8, 1993, Kueng is the son of John Dennis Kueng, a certified registered nurse anesthetic, and Joni L. Kueng, a math teacher. Details about the parents’ ethnicity are not available but on June 4, 2020, J Alexander’s lawyer Thomas C. Plunkett revealed that his client is African-American.

J Alexander’s personnel files, which were heavily redacted, reveals that he speaks, reads and writes Russian. So is he European, too?

Apparently, Kueng, also spelled Küng, is a Swiss surname. The official languages in Switzerland are German, Italian, French and Romansh.

Meanwhile, here are five Swiss people with this surname:

Sarah Kueng

Sarah and her fellow Swish artist Lovis Caputo are the duo behind the Kueng Caputo studio. Speaking about bricks, Sarah told W Magazine in 2019, “Because they’re so heavy and transportation is the most expensive part, the world is full of brick factories, networked all over the planet, all with their own clay and chemical compositions.”


Leonie Kueng

Born on October 21, 2000, Leonie is a tennis player based in Beringen, Switzerland. She recently told Le Matin that she had the best feeling of her life after beating three players from the Top 100 in the same tournament in the Hua Hin Championships in Thailand in February 2020.


Manuel Kueng

Born in 1987, Manuel is a triathlete from Switzerland. He finished first in Pro Men in IRONMAN 70.3 Luxembourg in 2018, according to TRI247.


Lorenz Küng

Born on April 20, 1999, Lorenz is a Swiss volleyball player, who is also an avid surfer. In an interview with Die Südostschweiz in 2018, he said volleyball is exciting and finding the point is always a challenge.


Patrick Küng

Born in Mühlehorn, Glarus, Switzerland on January 11, 1984, Patrick a Swiss former World Cup alpine ski racer. He and his girlfriend Bianca Andreatta has a son, according to Schweizer Illustrierte.


These two are likely to be Swiss, as well.

Lorenz Kueng

Lorenz, an assistant professor of finance at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, earned his received his bachelor’s and master’s degrees at the University of Fribourg and the Study Center Gerzensee in Switzerland. Speaking about changes in alcohol consumption, he told Kellogg Insight in 2016, “If I know your consumption preferences at age 22, I can predict your consumption preferences about 20 years later.”

Silvan Kueng

Silvan is the CEO and a co-founder of the Swiss company Relish Guitars. He recently told Music Radar that the company wants to “share the groundbreaking pickup swapping revolution with a larger part of the guitarist community.”


Here is an African-American woman who happens to be from Minneapolis:

Taylor Kueng

Born in 1999, Taylor has been a student worker-office assistant at the Minnesota State University, Mankato since August 2018. In June 2019, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) Minneapolis asked the Hennepin County Sheriff’s office to apologize for charging her and another woman with disorderly conduct and obstruction of the legal process for speaking out against the detainment of two African-American men at the Nicollet Mall in Minneapolis for an open bottle infraction, Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder reported.


Here is one white woman, who, like Floyd, is no longer with us:

Joanrose Kueng

Joanrose was an alumna of Armonk High School in Armonk, New York, USA. Born December 12, 1935, in Westchester County, New York to William Taylor and Mary Adams McLean Taylor, she died on August 27, 2019, according to Cape Cod Times.


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  1. All that’s important is that he is AFRICAN AMERICAN! Swiss has NOTHING to do with anything, like Zimmerman being a WHITE Latino who’s skin is five shades darker than Beyonce’s. Please, try to TELL THE TRUTH!


  2. And like night follows day, here come the white people saying black cops can’t further their own self-interest by participating in a corrupt system that fails to protect vulnerable citizens from police brutality, just because of the color of that cop’s skin. I don’t make judgment about anyone personally, but please don’t pretend that black cops can’t be part of this problem.


  3. Who freaking cares about his Fn race. Others are making this a race issue. They killed or participated in the killing of an unarmed man that so happens to be black and we don’t know yet, however they are saying it was a fraudulent $20 bill. So that means he should be killed? Again, who really gives a F if he is black or white. He didn’t protect this man. I mean really?


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