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New video proves Tou Thao ignored bystanders’ pleas to check George Floyd’s pulse

Tou Thao

Tou Thao

A new video strengthens the claim that while Tou Thao, 34, did not physically touch George Floyd, the Asian-American former cop ignored the pleas of the bystanders to check the African-American man’s pulse. The victim’s attorney Benjamin Crump, 50, took to Instagram to share the video on June 14, 2020.

Throughout the video, which is four minutes and 39 seconds long, Floyd is no longer moving. It shows the last minutes of the time Derek Michael Chauvin, 44, was kneeling on Floyd’s neck.


“He ain’t moved yet, Bro,” one of the bystanders, referring to Floyd, tells Thao. “He has not moved not one time. You’re going to let him kill that man in front of you?”

Thao ignores the bystanders. Another witness asks the Asian-American former Minneapolis Police Department officer, “Check his pulse right now and tell me what it is.”

Again, Thao ignores it. He just stands there between the bystanders and the area where Chauvin is pinning Floyd to the ground with the help of rookie cops  Thomas Kiernan Lane, 37, and J Alexander Kueng, 26.

At one point, Thao attempts to assault one of the eyewitnesses. At the end of the video, Chauvin finally removes his knee from Floyd’s neck and the African-American man is loaded onto a stretcher.

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Warning: This is beyond disturbing, even harder to watch than the first video. “Get off of his neck! He’s not moving!” “You’re going to let him kill that man in front of you?” Tou Thao stood guard as Derek Chauvin MURDERED George Floyd … while witnesses of the execution tried to stand up for JUSTICE, tried to save George’s life! The protest of those bystanders, who refused to just stand by and let it happen, has reverberated around the world — fueling our protest against injustice and police brutality!! 8 minutes 46 seconds. The four ex-officers MUST be convicted of MURDER for this hideous atrocity! They MUST all be held accountable!! #icantbreathe #georgefloyd #justiceforgeorgefloyd

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Chauvin, Thao, Lane and Kueng were all fired one day after Floyd’s death. Recently, Crump revealed that a civil suit will be filed against Chauvin.

“It wasn’t just the knee of Derek Chauvin that killed George Floyd in Minneapolis,” The Grio quoted Crump as saying. “It was the knee of the entire police department because when you have that kind of culture and behavior of a police department, it is foreseeable that something like this is going to happen.”

Detained in the Minnesota Correctional Facility, a maximum-security prison in Oak Park Heights, Minnesota, United States, Chauvin was originally charged with third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter only.  A new charge of second-degree murder was eventually added.

Lane, Thao and Kueng were charged with aiding and abetting second-degree murder while committing a felony and with aiding and abetting second-degree manslaughter with culpable negligence. Only Lane, who has posted bail, is temporarily free.

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