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BRAVE CF star Gabriel Miranda wants to write a story his children will be proud of

Gabriel Miranda (©BRAVE CF)

Gabriel Miranda (©BRAVE CF)

Currently signed with BRAVE Combat Federation, Gabriel “Fly” Miranda, 29, is one of the best Brazilian mixed martial artists who compete in the featherweight division today. He hails from Curitiba, Parana, Brazil and is a father of two.

As an MMA fighter, Miranda has been competing professionally since 2012. Recently, he shared how his MMA career started and the kind of legacy he wants to build.

“I want to create a legacy of victories and overcoming challenges but above all that, a legacy of love,” Miranda shared. “My main goal is to write a story that my children will be proud of, one that they will look back and be proud of their father and who he was and is.”


Like many Brazilians, Miranda grew up watching and being constantly amazed by the achievements of the first great generation of Brazil in MMA. His interested was triggered by the historical submission of Rodrigo “Minotauro” Nogueira over Bob Sapp in Japan in 2002.

When Miranda saw Nogueira beating Sapp using jiu-jitsu, the Curitiba native said to himself that was what he wanted. Miranda shared, “I wanted to be able to impose myself over someone physically stronger so I started training jiu-jitsu right away literally.”

“Less than a month in and I was a runner-up in my city tournament, a couple of months later I added a state championship win to my record,” Miranda continued. “In 2005, with 55 kg or so I won a competition with no weight limit, the absolute, and I swear to you I felt like ‘Minotauro’ Nogueira himself.”

It was the interest in making the transition to MMA that got Miranda into jiu-jitsu in the first place. He joined CM System under the guidance of Cristiano Marcello, a 4th-degree black-belt himself with an extensive record within both MMA and BJJ.

With little knowledge and experience in striking and some grappling credentials, Miranda moved into the CM System Athlete’s Lodging and began a full MMA immersion. Little did he know he was about to be tested rather soon.

“I was living at CM System for less than three weeks and Master Cristiano sent me a message asking me what was my weight, to which I replied ’70kg,'” Miranda recalled. “His answer was simply, ‘Okay, pack your stuff, you have a fight in 75kg tomorrow.’ I then asked him if it was going to be gi or no-gi because I was assuming it was a grappling bout. Nope. That was about to be my amateur MMA debut.”

“The night that followed was very long,” Miranda continued. “I was really anxious. In the warm-up room, when the cutman came to wrap my hands, Master Cristiano said he didn’t want my hands wrapped for that fight and told me, ‘We don’t need it because you won’t throw a single punch tonight. Go up there, use your jiu-jitsu and submit him.’ That’s what I did. I finished that fight in 25 seconds and the rest, as they say, is history.”


As an amateur MMA fighter, Miranda had 5 wins and 0 loss. He currently holds a professional MMA record of 14 wins and 5 losses.

“I’ve never been the most naturally gifted person in the world and, of course, this made the path long and difficult for me,” Miranda said. “I’m a small-town boy, coming from a humble family, without any privileges but here I am, fighting in the only global MMA promotion in the world, achieving my dreams, providing for my family and that’s just the beginning. I’m going for all the record. I want to make history inside BRAVE CF.”

What Miranda thinks sets him apart is the fact that his motivation is love. He explained. “I see most of the fighters being fueled by hate.”

“They fight with anger,” Miranda said of other MMA fighters. “Not me. I love my job and I love my family, the main reason why I do everything I do.”


For Miranda, it is all about his two children. He was preparing for fights during both pregnancies but still managed to be with his wife and support her.

“I wake up every day focused on doing my best for them and their love and affection when I get back home is what keeps me going,” Miranda shared. “Those two taught me the meaning of unconditional love, and that’s exactly what I take with me everywhere, the cage included.”

With the platform offered by BRAVE CF, Miranda wants to reach fans who not only enjoy watching a good fight inside the cage but also know that MMA is made by intelligent people. He described the people behind the sport are articulate persons who act like true role models.

“I believe MMA can be more and I want to be part of that,” Miranda said. “A fighter can be an inspiring idol, synonymous with wisdom, elegance,and respect, a positive example for children everywhere and the generations to come.”

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