4 industries that will be boosted by 5G

5G network from China Telecom (©Macau Photo Agency)

5G network from China Telecom (©Macau Photo Agency)

5G networks are well on their way to becoming the new normal. A couple years ago, our piece entitled “Smart notches 5G speeds of over 14Gbps” considered some of the potential of this development.

In that article, we quoted Smart’s executive vice president as saying that “the coming of 5G opens up many opportunities to offer a wider selection of relevant services and solutions” to his company’s customers but now, as 5G becomes more widespread, we are beginning to see how it can impact industries and society more broadly. The list of businesses and entire industries that stand to benefit from 5G could fill volumes already but the following are some particularly powerful early examples that come to mind.

1. Manufacturing

This has become arguably the main industry people talk about when considering the impact of 5G and while broad, the benefits to are fairly easy to sum up Tech Briefs characterized 5G in manufacturing as something the will help companies to improve factory automation, human/machine interfaces and mobility in their processes.

Clearly, those benefits cover a lot of ground but the idea is that 5G networks provide the reliable and speedy connectivity needed to propel advanced manufacturing processes forward. Any practice involving automation or machine usage stands to benefit as machines gain greater ability to communicate with each other and with humans.

2. PCB Design

It is also worth taking into account industries that will be more productive because of the demand introduced by 5G networks. In this case, we are referring to the worldwide printed circuit board (PCB) design industry, which produces the circuit boards housed in our electronic devices.

As Altium’s overview of PCB antennas puts it, “consumer and industrial demand has prompted the demand for smaller wireless devices,” including IoT products. PCB designers have met this demand by manufacturing smaller circuit boards that can still manage high-speed wireless connections.

With 5G, demand for such products is only intensifying. In all likelihood, this industry has busy days ahead as it is called upon to power innumerable new devices that will connect over 5G.

3. Mobile Tech Design

This category is somewhat more vague. However, just as circuit board design is going to adjust to what’s happening with 5G, engineers and designers with connections to the mobile device industry will also be changing and accelerating their practices.

Most interesting in this area will be the changes we see in smartphones, wearable devices and mobile applications. New capabilities are within reach for all of these products thanks to the spread of 5G but designers and developers will have to work to turn those capabilities into realities.

4. Healthcare

The healthcare industry may ultimately see some of the most significant benefits from 5G, in that the technology stands to improve patient care. A HealthTech post on 5G expressed that improved wireless networks will enable more telehealth and enable robotic surgery and that is to say nothing of these networks’ implications when it comes to data management.

Telehealth is all the more significant in light of the events of 2020. With 5G, healthcare facilities will be better equipped to gather and catalogue the vast troves of data they need to keep track of patients and expedite care.

From everyday care to the introduction of new technologies and practices, 5G will have a widespread and hugely beneficial impact in this space. Many more industries could be mentioned in this discussion but these four are among the most significant and demonstrate just how significant 5G will be.

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