Tiktok star Sabby Sousa’s ‘Emerald’ dropped; House of Wolf produces R&B song

Sabby Sousa

Sabby Sousa

Tiktok chart-topper Sabby Sousa of Toronto, Ontario, Canada taps into something nostalgic and exhilarating on her new single “Emerald,” which was released on August 14, 2020 on all digital platforms worldwide. Despite its openness to tackle a romantic relationship gone astray, the smooth R&B song inhabits an optimistic headspace that values emotional maturity over impulsive demeanor.

With Sousa’s syrupy vocals complementing the track’s atmospheric sonic backdrop, she remembers her past relationship fondly, setting aside bitterness for a peace of mind. The teenager said, “I had gone through a breakup and didn’t want to write anything sad or angry.”

“I wanted to remember what it felt like in those moments and hold them close,” Sousa continued. “It reminded me that not all relationships are meant to last forever. What lasts forever is the memories you make so live life to the fullest.”


Previously, Sousa’s “Cream n’ Frosting” hit more than 2 million streams on all music platforms and landed on Spotify Viral 50 charts in the Philippines and Malaysia. Unlike this viral bop, her smoky new track establishes her more introspective side as both a singer-songwriter and a vocalist and this time, she mines a wistful narrative straight from a journal entry, confessional in form and function but also hopeful in the way it was written and delivered.

“There’s a lot of electric guitar and synths that make the song so dreamy,” Sousa explained. “I would definitely say, it’s a lot different to previous songs as it marks the beginning of a new sound for me.”

“Emerald” is produced by Pierre Blondo and John-Adam Howard collectively known as House of Wolf. The rising French-Canadian electronic duo has worked with the likes of Cheat Codes and Carlie Henson.

Recorded in August 2019, the infectious jam sounds like a star turn from a young artist who is now ready to take the spotlight and make a lightning strike, one more time. Meanwhile, here is a “Cream n’ Frosting” video:

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