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Kenosha cops damaged Jacob Blake’s kidney, liver, spinal cord, colon, intestines?

Jacob Blake

Jacob Blake

Jacob Blake Jr., 29, of Kenosha, Wisconsin, United States might not be able to walk again. The African-American man was shot in the back at least seven times by Kenosha Police Department officers on August 23, 2020.

Via Flight for Life, Blake was transported to Froedtert Hospital in Wauwatosa, Milwaukee County, WisconsinKenosha News reported. His family is represented by Benjamin Crump and Patrick Salvi Jr.

Blake had at least one bullet “go through some or all of his spinal cord,” CNN quoted Salvi as saying. “He has holes in his stomach. He had to have nearly his entire colon and small intestines removed.”

According to Salvi, among the multiple injuries Blake suffered are a gunshot wound to one of his arms and damage to his kidney, liver and spinal cord. The Kenosha cops who shot Blake were responding to a domestic violence call at a home at 2805 40th St. in Kenosha.

“The medical diagnosis right now is that he is paralyzed,” USA Today quoted Crump as saying. “It is going to take a miracle for Jacob Blake Jr. to ever walk again.”


The shooting was witnessed by the three children of Blake and his fiancee Laquisha Booker. The reasons why the Kenosha cops approached and shot him are still unknown and the names of the cops have yet to be released.

“You shot him numerous times for no reason,” Booker told WMTJ-TV. “It didn’t take all that. (You also did) disregard that my kids were in the car at all and you knew they were in there because I kept screaming that.”

Born in 1991 to Jacob Blake Sr. and Julia Jackson, Jacob Jr. was raised in Evanston, Illinois, USA. An Evanston Township High School alum, Jacob Jr. moved to Kenosha for a job and his family.

Jackson organized a GoFundMe fundraiser for her son. It received almost $500,000 in just 12 hours

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