Molchat Doma’s ‘Monument’ out via Sacred Bones Records soon; ‘Ne Smeshno’ lets Egor Shkutko vent out

Roman Komogortsev, Egor Shkutko, Pavel Kozlov

Roman Komogortsev, Egor Shkutko, Pavel Kozlov

Belarusian rock band Molchat Doma‘s third album “Monument” will be out via Sacred Bones Records on November 13, 2020. One of its tracks is “Ne Smeshno,” which roughly translates to “Not Funny.”

Formed in 2017, Molchat Doma is based in Minsk, Belarus. Its members are Egor Shkutko, who sings Russian lyrics in his deep, thundering tones, Roman Komogortsev on guitar, synths and drum machine and Pavel Kozlov on bass and synths.

“Ne Smeshno” is plaintive and imploring. It finds Shkutko expressing feelings of disconnection and frustration in Russian over pummeling drum machines.

Including “Ne Smeshno,” “Monument” has nine songs. The others are “Utonut,” “Obrechen,” “Discoteque,” “Otveta Net,” “Zvezdy,” “Udalil Tvoy Nomer,” “Leningradskiy Blues” and “Lubit ‘i Vypolnyat’.”


“Monument” stands as a monument to everything Molchat Doma has achieved in its short time as a band, from whispered-about unknowns, to enigmatic underground icons, to legitimate viral sensations with hundreds of thousands of TikTok videos using their music. The name of the band means “Houses Are Silent.”

Written and recorded while the band was quarantined in their hometown of Minsk during the new coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, “Monument” is a conscious step up in songwriting and fidelity and it reveals a band preternaturally comfortable in its own skin. As the band’s arrangements have grown more sophisticated, so too have the sounds it uses to bring them to life.

Komogortsev and Kozlov’s gear arsenal has grown to include an extensive range of synthesizers and drum machines, all of which they deploy with precision. Shkutko’s vocals move fluidly between his distinctive deadpan drawl and an expressive, velvety lull, his beautifully delivered Russian lyrics both bleak and romantic.

Molchat Doma stands at the intersection of post-punk, new-wave and synth-pop. When its debut album “S Krysh Nashikh Domov” was released in 2017, it announced a bold new voice in underground music.

“S Krysh Nashikh Domov” found a passionate audience on Bandcamp and other streaming services and was released on CD and cassette. Molchat Doma released its second LP “Etazhi,” which means “Floors,” in 2018 on Detriti Records, which is based in Berlin, Germany.

In 2020, Sacred Bones signed the band and brought both records back into print for good. The signing was celebrated with the band’s first ever show in London, England, which saw tickets sell so fast that the venue was upgraded twice and eventually had the iconic Scala packed to the rafters for a rapturously received show, mere weeks before lockdown came into force.

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