Atlanta, Georgia’s Roderick Walker afraid to speak up while in Fulton County Jail

Roderick Walker (©The Cochran Firm)

Roderick Walker (©The Cochran Firm)

Roderick Antoine Walker, 26, of Atlanta, Georgia, United States is currently being held in the medical unit of the Fulton County Jail in Atlanta. The African-American man is not willing to elaborate on his experience as a victim of police brutality.

Walker was inside his cell when he was recently interviewed by Mark Winne of Channel 2 Action News. Afraid of being misconstrued, the detainee refused to speak about his  controversial encounter with deputies from Clayton County Sheriff’s Office in Clayton County, Georgia.

“I’m scared,” Walker told Winne. “I don’t know what to say.”


On September 11, 2020, Walker went out with his stepson, 5, his girlfriend Janita Davis and their five-month-old child to return a rental car. To return home, they took a ride-share vehicle, which was stopped by two Clayton County Sheriff’s Office deputies for having a broken taillight.

The deputies asked to see Walker’s ID but he did not have it with him. They became upset when he asked why they needed the ID considering that he was not the driver, which led to an altercation.

Minutes later, the deputies ordered Walker out of the vehicle and pinned him to the concrete. One of the cops punched the African-American man in the head at least nine times and yelled, “He bit me!”

“I’m going to die,” Walker cried out. “I can’t breathe!”

Walker’s stepson also stepped out of the vehicle but Davis asked him to go back inside. Witnessing the brutal attack from the back seat of the car, the child screamed, “Daddy!”

“Don’t kill him,” Davis asked the deputies. A third colleague, who joined to help handcuff Walker, asked her “to get in the car” before she ends up “in handcuffs.”

Walker’s face was bleeding while he was handcuffed and being led away by the deputies. He was charged with two counts of battery and two counts of obstructing or hindering law enforcement officers.


“I just want my son home because he was beaten real bad,” ABC News quoted Walker’s mother Tywauna C. Walker as saying during a news conference in front of the Clayton County Jail in Jonesboro, Georgia on September 12, 2020. “He did nothing wrong.”

Originally held in the Clayton County Jail, Roderick was transferred to the Fulton County Jail on September 14, 2020. He and his family are represented by Sean Williams of the Cochran Law Firm in Atlanta.

Roderick has a warrant out of Fulton County for cruelty to children and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. He has another warrant out of Hapeville, Georgia for failure to appear at a court hear on an undisclosed charge.

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