TV5’s ‘Lunch Out Loud’ is here; Meet Billy Crawford, Alex Gonzaga, K Brosas’s co-hosts

K Brosas

K Brosas

Billy Crawford, 38, Alex Gonzaga, 32, and Maria Carmela “K” Brosas, 45, are among the hosts of “Lunch Out Loud.” The Philippine noontime variety show will premiere on TV5 on October 19, 2020.

“Lunch Out Loud” will air on TV5 Mondays through Saturdays from 12:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. It is produced by Brightlight Productions and directed by Johnny Manahan.

Brightlight Productions is one of the most recent block time partners of TV5. “Lunch Out Loud” is just one of the new shows it will be airing on the channel while the Philippines is still fighting the new coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

“It’s time that all of us should work together,” Brightlight Productions president and CEO Albee Benitez stated. “Right now, I don’t think there should be a network war.”

Benitez added that talents should be given flexibility and be allowed to take on work where it is available. He said, “I think that should be our landscape moving forward.”


“Despite all these trying times, I’m very thankful for an opportunity to work again,” Gonzaga shared. “I am very happy also that my Kapamilyas are also my Kapatids.”

Kapamilya refers to the employees and supporters of ABS-CBN, the former employer of Gonzaga, Crawford and K Brosas while Kapatid refers to those of TV5. Here are their “Lunch Out Loud” co-hosts:



Macoy Dubs

  • age: 27
  • full name:  Mark Averilla


Wacky Kiray

  • age: 42
  • full name: Ricardo Balarosa, Jr.


KC Montero

  • age: 42
  • full name: Casey Wyatt Montero Miller


Jeff Tam

  • age: 47
  • full name: Jeffrey Tam


Bayani Agbayani

  • age: 51
  • full name: Bayani Rogacion Jr.


Ariel Rivera

  • age: 54
  • full name: José Ariel Jiménez Rivera


Arra Pascual is the resident DJ of “Lunch Out Loud.” The show also features Francoise Denyse “Laboching” S. Fainsan.

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