13 Miss Universe Philippines 2020 candidates who deserve a crown


It is a pity Miss Universe Philippines 2020 is giving only  one crown. Among the 46 candidates of the inaugural beauty pageant, a lot do deserve to win a title.

Miss Universe Philippines 2020 is a competition that Filipino beauty pageant fans will remember for decades. The winner will be the first representative of the Philippines crowned in a standalone beauty pageant. It is the country’s first major beauty pageant held without physical audience during the new coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Places like Antique, Batanes and Kalinga are represented in a national beauty pageant for the first time.

For decades, Filipinos were used to watching Binibining Pilipinas crown not just one, not just two but three or even more queens annually. Every coronation night, the candidates with an army of shrieking supporters were likely to win a title. Audience impact was that impactful. But that was then.


Now, the absence of physical audience is both an advantage and a disadvantage for Miss Universe Philippines 2020 candidates. It is bad for those who strongly depend on the support of the audience. It is good for those who could focus more with fewer people physically in the venue.

I am personally rooting for Tracy Maureen Perez of Cebu City, who coincidentally is the only one among the 46 candidates I have seen in person. I met her when she competed in Miss World Philippines 2019. She did not win then. But she should win now.

But it is not up to me. It is up to the panel of judges, which includes Janine Tugonon, Ariella Arida, Harry Roque and Eric Yap.

Miss Universe Philippines 2020 will be crowned on October 25, 2020 at the Cordillera Convention Hall of Baguio Country Club in Baguio City, Philippines. For me, these 13 candidates deserve to win a crown in this competition, in its next edition or in a different beauty pageant:

# 1| Tracy Maureen Perez, 27, Cebu City

  • Miss Photogenic, Miss Universe Philippines 2020
  • Best in Swimsuit Photo, Miss Universe Philippines 2020
  • Miss World Philippines 2019 Top 12
  • Binibining Cebu Charity 2018
  • Miss Cebu 2016 second runner-up
  • University of San Carlos – Cebu’s Miss TC 2011


#2 | Ysabella Ysmael, 24, Parañaque City

  • Best in Evening Gown, Miss Universe Philippines 2020
  • Century Tuna Superbods 2018 female category second place
  • Binibining Parañaque 2014
Ysabella Ysmael (©Miss Universe Philippines)

Ysabella Ysmael (©Miss Universe Philippines)


#3 | Skelly Ivy Florida, 21, Biliran

  • Miss Lazada Fan Vote, Miss Universe Philippines 2020
  • Miss State College and University Athletic Association (SCUAA) 2018 1st runner up
  • Miss PASUC National 2017 third runner-up
  • Miss PASUC-VIII 2017
  • Miss Naval State University 2017


#4 | Apriel Smith, 24, Cebu Province

  • Miss Isabel 2019
  • Binibining Cebu 2017
  • Reyna ng Aliwan 2017 first runner-up
  • Bb. Pilipinas 2016 Top 15
  • Miss Badian Tourism 2015
  • Miss Mandaue 2013 third runner-up
  • Miss Cebu City Olympics 2012
  • Sinulog Festival Queen 2012
  • Miss Dumanjug 2011
  • Miss Milo Little Olympics 2010


#5 | Alaiza Malinao

  • Philippine representative, Elite Model Look 2016 Asia Pacific
  • “Asia’s Next Top Model” Season 4 top 12
  • Bb. Pilipinas 2015 Top 15
  • Century Tuna Superbods 2014 female category first runner-up

Alaiza Malinao


#6 | Sandra Lemonon, 26,Taguig

  • Bb. Pilipinas 2018 Top 15
  • Miss World Philippines 2016 fourth princess
Sandra Lemonon (©Miss Universe Philippines)

Sandra Lemonon (©Miss Universe Philippines)


#7 | Pauline Amelinckx, 24, Bohol

  • Miss Creamsilk, Miss Universe Philippines 2020
  • Miss Downy Sweetheart, Miss Universe Philippines 2020
  • Miss Cetaphil Sun, Miss Universe Philippines 2020
  • Face of the Universe Award, Miss Universe Philippines 2020
  • Mutya ng Pilipinas-Global Beauty Queen 2018
  • Miss Bohol 2017
  • Miss JCI Philippines 2017
Pauline Amelinckx (©Miss Universe Philippines)

Pauline Amelinckx (©Miss Universe Philippines)


#8 | Michele Gumabao, 28, Quezon City

  • Miss MG Philippines, Miss Universe Philippines 2020
  • Bb. Pilipinas-Globe 2018
  • Miss Globe 2018 Top 15
Michele Gumabao (©Miss Universe Philippines)

Michele Gumabao (©Miss Universe Philippines)


#9 | Lou Dominique Piczon, 24, Mandaue

  • Best in National Costume, Miss Universe Philippines 2020
  • Binibining Cebu Heritage 2018
  • Reyna ng Aliwan 2016 second runner-up
  • Miss Mandaue 2014
  • Miss USJR Intramurals 2014
  • Miss Summer Queen 2013 first runner-up
  • Miss Catbalogan City Athletic Association 2008
Lou Dominique Piczon (©Miss Universe Philippines)

Lou Dominique Piczon (©Miss Universe Philippines)


#10 | Kim Chi Crizaldo, 23, Iloilo Province

  • Miss Iloilo Tourism 2018
Kim Chi Crizaldo (©Miss Universe Philippines)

Kim Chi Crizaldo (©Miss Universe Philippines)


#11 | Kimberly Hakenson, 26, Cavite

  • Miss World Philippines 2019 Top 12
Kimberly Hakenson (©Miss Universe Philippines)

Kimberly Hakenson (©Miss Universe Philippines)


#12 | We’am Ahmed, 20, Davao del Norte

  • Binibining Davao del Norte 2019 second runner-up
  • Mutya ng Davao 2019 top 30
  • Mutya ng Buhangin 2019
  • Miss Philippines Earth 2018 Top 18
  • Mutya ng Maa 2017
We'am Ahmed (©Miss Universe Philippines)

We’am Ahmed (©Miss Universe Philippines)


#13 | Christelle Abello, 25, Aklan

  • Miss World Philippines 2015 Top 13
  • Binibining Pilipinas USA-Tourism 2014
Christelle Abello (©Miss Universe Philippines)

Christelle Abello (©Miss Universe Philippines)

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