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20 most beautiful Miss Universe Canada 2020 candidates

The 18th Miss Universe Canada will be crowned on October 24, 2020. A total of 40 candidates are competing for three titles including the ones currently held by Miss Universe Canada 2019 Alyssa Boston of Tecumseh and Miss International Canada 2019 Megha Sandhu of Montreal.

Aside from Miss Universe Canada 2020, which is the top title, two more crowns will be given. The first and second runners-up will be crowned Miss Canada International 2020 and Miss International Queen of Coffee Canada 2020, respectively.

Hosted by Sonny Borrelli and Chelsae Durocher, the Miss Universe Canada 2020 coronation night will take place at the John Bassett Theatre at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Here are the 20 most beautiful candidates:


#20 | Christina Williams (Toronto, Ontario)


#19 | Catherine Chen (Vancouver, British Columbia)


#18 | Kimberly Simpson (Brampton, Ontario)


#17 | Dominique Doucette (Quebec City, Quebec)


#16 | Jaime Vanderberg (Lethbridge, Alberta)


#15 | Natasha Ahuja (Waterloo, Ontario)


#14 | Jacqueline Wojciechowski (London, Ontario)


#13 | Christina Harb (Montreal, Quebec)


#12 | Rosalie Mercier (Quebec City, Quebec)


#11 | Kalika Hastings (Montreal, Quebec)


#10 | Faith Byers (Edmonton, Alberta)


#9 | Sam Fraughton (Edmonton, Alberta)


#8 | Nicole Pegler (Vancouver, British Columbia)


#7 | Nova Stevens (Vancouver, British Columbia)


#6 | Emily Lau (Toronto, Ontario)


#5 | Laetitia Nocera (Toronto, Ontario)


#4 | Svetlana Mamaeva (Maple, Ontario)


#3 | Sara Winter (Duncan, British Columbia)


#2 | Meera Patel, Edmonton / Calgary, Alberta


# 1| Kelsey Johnson, London, Ontario


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