KLPGA HFG Championship 2020 round 2: Se Lin Hyun moves up 20 positions, Ha Na Jang still on top

Se Lin Hyun

Se Lin Hyun

The second round of the Korea Ladies Professional Golf Association (KLPGA) Hana Financial Group (HFG) Championship 2020 took place in Incheon, South Korea on November 6, 2020. The tournament is broadcast live in 17 countries across Asia Pacific region including Australia, Canada and New Zealand.

Se Lin Hyun moves up 20 positions while defending champion Ha Na Jang remains at the top of the leaderboard. The former said she played aggressively in the first round so careless mistakes were made but in the second round, she aimed for low-risk shots and was able to reduce the score. 

For Hyun, she performed more confidently in the second round than in the first one. With better shots and putts and no bogey, she is happy with the second round’s result.


Hyun was looking forward to the season but many tournaments were cancelled due to the new coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. She said,  “Despite the lesser number of tournaments happening, I was lucky to be able  to play on challenging and exclusive golf courses when I could.”

“I have also learnt a lot from other seasoned players during the tour such as how to better target the courses and make saves on  play,” Hyun continued. “I was exposed to valuable experiences and opportunities that were extremely helpful for a rookie. I am grateful for all the sponsors who made KLPGA tournaments and Hana Financial Group for making this championship possible during this difficult situation that the world is in.”


Jang was also pleased with her performance in the second round despite the one bogey made on the 16th hole. She said she played safe and easy in both the first and second rounds.

“I was able to make birdies by  keeping the balls in the fairways and the greens as much as possible,” Jang said. “I hope to continue the  streak in the upcoming rounds.”

Among the Asian broadcasters carrying the broadcast of the tournament are Singtel in Singapore, Hong Kong Cable in Hong Kong, True Vision in Thailand, Euro Sports in India and Astro in Malaysia. Among Ko and Jang’s opponents are A Lim Kim, Da Yeon Lee, Eun Woo Choi, Han Sol Ji, Hee Jeong Lim, Hye Jin Choi, Hyo Joo Kim, Hyun Kyung Park, Jeong Eun Lee, Ji Hyun Kim, Jin Young Ko, Julie Kim, Jung Ji Yu, Min Ji Park, Min Kyung Choi, Min Sun Kim, Na Rin An, Se Lin Hyun, Seo Jin Park, So Mi Lee, So Yeon Ryu, Song Yi Ahn, Sui Xiang and Yoon Kyung Heo.

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