Loren Mack: Bringing PFL to the Philippines is a must

Ray Sefo, Loren Mack (©PFL)

Ray Sefo, Loren Mack (©PFL)

The Professional Fighters League is looking at bringing its product to the Philippines as part of its global expansion efforts. Based in Washington, D.C., United States, the mixed martial arts organization was founded by Ray Sefo in 2017.

The PFL stands out from other MMA organizations thanks to its unique format which features a regular season-style tournament as well as its million-dollar purse that is awarded to the eventual winners. It has been able to turn in two successful seasons so far.

While the 2020 PFL season ended up being postponed due to the new coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the PFL is looking to bounce back and put on a big third season in 2021The league is now looking to bring their global expansion efforts to Asia and one of the main targets is the Philippines, which has always been a hotbed for combat sports talent and history will show that MMA promotions have done quite well in the country. 


Newly hired PFL vice president Loren Mack believes that bringing the PFL to the Philippines is a move that must be done. A long-time top executive, he has had years of experience in Asian markets, having been based there for a decade.

“No doubt, the PFL will be a big hit in the Philippines,” Mack said. “They love MMA over there and we have the best MMA action in the world. It’s a perfect fit.”

Apart from just bringing the PFL to the Philippines, another big step that Mack discussed is being able to bring Filipino talents over to the league’s ranks. The country is one of the biggest MMA markets in Southeast Asia, he said. 

“Filipino fans love to watch fights and they have a deep appreciation and understanding for the sport of MMA,” Mack said. “With the way we present MMA, our unique league format, I know that Filipino fans will be invested in our brand of MMA action.” 

The PFL boasts the most talented roster of fighters in the world, headlined by champions such as Kayla Harrison, Lance Palmer, Natan Schulte and Ray Cooper III and veteran stars such as Rory MacDonald and the newly signed Fabricio WerdumRecently, the league also widened its talent pool by bringing in a number of up-and-coming stars from all over the world, including South Korean prospect Sung Bin Jo

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