Philippine Craft Kings, JuggiesPH promote local craft beer while most bars are closed due to COVID-19


Philippine Craft Kings (PCK) and JuggiesPH have a great news for Filipinos who love to drink beer. Now that most bars are closed and social interaction is limited due to the new coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, PCK lets its market still enjoy beer like before in insulated, tap-equipped containers called Juggies.

Aside from a freshness valve, Juggies come with a key to unlock the easy-pour function. The containers come in 2-liter and 5-liter options and can keep the drinks ice cold and fresh for up to three days.

From non-alcoholic drinks like ginger ale, butter beer and soon, club soda, PCK and JuggiesPH have the works. The list includes light and sweet beers, lager, pilsner, pale ale, dark beer, stout, wheat beers and lagers from 4.8 percent to 10.5 percent alcohol content.


PCK/JuggiesPH CEO Jazel Justiniani Paraiso said they have responded to the limitations and challenges imposed by existing protocols by creating party packages and out of town packages made up of beer choices and their best pica pairs. She explained, “People can place their orders online and we deliver the Juggies along with the party packages.”

“That way families and small groups can enjoy drinking beer and munching on tapas, snacks, cheeses and other food pairings in the privacy and safety of home,” Paraiso continued. “Beers and drinks served in a Juggy are freshly brewed and kegged the same day they are ordered. They arrive cold and the Juggies, which are reusable and recyclable, are easy to use.”


Filipinos are among the best beer drinkers in the world. Not only do they consume a whole lot of the golden brew, they are also beer connoisseurs and adventure-seekers when it comes to what fills up their beer mugs.

Underneath the world of flowing commercial beer is a sub-universe of very impressive, locally brewed craft beer. Small, usually independent craft breweries aim both for variety and quality, tickling the fancy of young-and-slightly-older discerning drinkers at bars, parties, hotels and watering holes.

In 2013, PCK started bringing the craft beers into the mainstream. After penetrating the Philippine beer scene with just one brand, it grew to more than 20 partner breweries serving more than 100 beer variants at present.

The craft beer industry is growing not just in the Philippines but in the entire Southeast Asia. Currently valued at $134 million, it is projected to grow to $400 million by end 2021.


PCK and JuggiesPH meet and work together with the brewers and listen to the unique stories behind the beers. Paraiso said, “Filipino beer brewers are amazing because they are adventurous, creative and true masters of their craft.”

“Every time there’s a new beer we let our customers know so they get the chance to taste new and limited releases,” Paraiso continued. “We bring the story of the beers and the brewers out to the market and that’s how we help support the local craft beer industry.”

In October 2020, PCK and JuggiesPH opened up a Juggies Filling Station at Brick and Mortar in Bonifacio Global City (BGC), Taguig, Metro Manila, Philippines and one in Quezon City, Metro Manila so beer drinkers can have their fill and continue to enjoy good times at home. For more information and to have a Juggies experience, visit or contact JuggiesPH through or 0917-514-8118.

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