Miss Universe Cambodia 2020 results: Somnang Alyna crowns Reth Sarita in Phnom Penh


  • beauty pageant: Miss Universe Cambodia
  • edition: 2nd
  • date: November 26, 2020
  • venue: Bayon TV Steung Meanchey, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
  • number of candidates: 20
  • hosts: Heng Keo Nita, Try Davaruth, Thoung Mala
  • broadcaster: Bayon TV
  • performers: FGG, Mongie Stars, Cambodia Dance Sport Federation


  1. Song Seav Mey
  2. Neth Raksa
  3. Vong Sophea
  4. Heang Shuchi
  5. Lun Kimheng
  6. Lim Sangly
  7. Sang Nyda
  8. Chhun Raksa
  9. Dy Sorakheta
  10. Mach Davy
  11. Chea Lina
  12. Voeurn Srey Sin
  13. Chor Soursdey
  14. Suon Pisey
  15. Heng Srey Ny
  16. Prasath Davih
  17. Leap Seyha
  18. Reth Sarita
  19. Chan Malis
  20. Pov Sokuntheara



  1. Myca Magnolia M. Fischer (Chargé d’Affaires, A.I. of the Philippine Embassy)
  2. Ek Bunthia (Deputy Director General of Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts)
  3. Franz Josef Brune (Brew Master of Ganzberg)
  4. Kong Visal
  5. Yulia Khouri (Founder and Managing Director of Mama’s Kitchen, Animal Mama Siem Reap and Home of Heroes)
  6. Sam Clayton (General Manager, V Syndidate)
  7. Marya Na (Creative Director of “The Prive,” CEO of The Prive Pawn)
  8. Yun Rottanak (Founder and Owner of Rottanak Collection – Rottanah Official, FOC Man and G-Wear Swimsuit)
  9. Chan Sotima (Miss Universe Cambodia 2019 second runner-up, Dream Girl of the Year International 2019)
  10. Chin Samsang (CEO of CSN J)
  11. Men Nimulroat (Founder and CEO of Cambodia International Models)
  12. Romyr Libo-on (National Director of Miss Universe Cambodia)
  13. Rern Nat (Miss Universe Cambodia 2018)


Top 10

  • Mach Davy: 8.48
  • Song Seavmey: 8.5
  • Vong Sophea: 8.52
  • Voeurn Srey Sin: 8.54
  • Chhun Raksa: 8.66
  • Lim Langly: 8.67
  • Prasath Davih: 6.92
  • Neth Raksa: 8.98
  • Suon Pisey: 9.3
  • Reth Sarita: 9.36

Best in Talent: Reth Sarita



  • Miss Personality: Dy Sorakheta
  • Best in Production Number: Neth Raksa
  • Best Advocacy: Reth Sarita
  • Best in Interview: Reth Sarita
  • Best in National Costume: Lim Sangly
  • Best in Evening Gown: Dy Sorakheta
  • Best in Swimsuit: Dy Sorakheta
  • Beauty of Face Award: Dy Sorakheta
  • Miss Fitness: Lim Sangly


TOP 10

  1. Dy Sorakheta
  2. Neth Raksa
  3. Shuchi Heang
  4. Suon Pisey
  5. Chan Malis
  6. Mach Davy
  7. Chhun Raksa
  8. Reth Sarita
  9. Prasath Davih
  10. Lim Sangly



  1. Reth Sarita
  2. Chhun Raksa
  3. Dy Sorakheta
  4. Neth Raksa
  5. Suon Pisey






4th runner-up Kachnak Thyda Bon Suon Pisey
3rd runner-up Pokimtheng Sothida Neth Raksa
2nd runner-up John Sotima Dy Sorakheta
1st runner-up Thoung Mala Chhun Raksa
Miss Universe Cambodia Somnang Alyna Reth Sarita

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