Tiffany Pontes Dover’s body double also CHI Memorial Hospital nurse?

Located in Chattanooga, Tennessee, United States, Catholic Health Initiatives (CHI) Memorial Hospital is the hospital where Tiffany Lashae Pontes Dover, 30, works or worked as a nurse manager. The rumor claiming that she is dead is still alive.

Dover was one of the six medical staff members who received the new coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine from Pfizer on December 17, 2020. Around 17 minutes after getting the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine, she fainted while speaking to the media.

Shortly after, Dover recovered and told the media people that she has a condition called Vasovagal Syncope. After this, nothing was heard of her.


Vaccine supporters and doubters alike took to social media to ask about Dover’s condition days after her vaccination. She did not reply to any of the inquiries making people speculate that she has died.

While some of those who were asking were merely nosy, others were genuinely concerned about Dover’s condition disregarding the dispute about the effectiveness of the vaccine. If she is truly alive, she just ignored all the questions and concerns about her.

Whether that is Dover’s choice or she is forced to keep quiet is still a mystery. Unfortunately, antivaxxers are using her silence as a proof that the vaccine is dangerous.

To calm people down, CHI Memorial Hospital took to Twitter on December 20, 2020 to confirm that Dover is alive. The statement was not enough to convince people so the hospital released a 21-second video with 21 people wearing face masks.


The video starts with a woman who appears to be Dover. Instead of answering questions, it resulted to more questions.

Is she really Dover? Is she a body double wearing a face mask? 

After the speculation claiming that Dover is dead is another disturbing speculation. CHI Memorial Hospital is being accused of using one of their employees as a body double for Dover.

The suspected body double is Amber Lynn Dietz Honea, 30, a critical care unit (CCU)/ intensive case unit (ICU) nurse at CHI Memorial Hospital. She was also born in 1990 just like Dover.

Forget about the nosy people. Forget about those who are debating about the effectiveness of the vaccine. Consider the people who are genuinely concerned about the condition of a nurse who is also a mother of two.

This is a lose-lose situation for CHI Memorial Hospital. If Dover died after her vaccination, whether or not it was caused by her vaccination, shame on them for not telling the truth. If she is still alive, shame on them for messing with the minds of the people by not giving an unquestionable proof that the nurse is not dead.


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  1. Stop this your just exploiting mentally ill and vulnerable people now.
    Tiffany isn’t dead the pics of amber show the nose is different to tiffany’s.
    CHI’s video and pics released monday show it is tiffany not Amber as a body double.
    I’m an antivaxxer and people like you are making us look really stupid.
    Tiffany should have done a mask off video on her person facebook/instagram the thursday/friday the video started going viral not take a family vacation which was ruined by her continued silence it would be better off if dover just addresses it on her personal facebook for once and for all as going through her hospital or having other family members relay that she is ok is not good enough to stop the rumours continuing.


    • “the pics of amber show the nose is different to tiffany’s.”
      You mean the nose you can’t see in either of the videos because it is being covered by a mask?
      They are putting a great deal of effort into proving Tiffany Dover is alive and well without actually showing that she is alive and well.
      Moreover, if the Dover family is receiving unwanted attention due to the rumors of her death, the easiest way to decrease that attention is to simply show the world once and for all that Tiffany is alive and well by having her record a brief video, showing her face, that confirms that fact.
      Suspiciously staged videos, obscured features, oddly worded press releases from the hospital, and bizarre claims of legal limitations only add credence to claims Tiffany Dover is either very sick or dead.

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    • you’re an antivaxxer you should go fuck yourself and yeah this is completely bullshit post no one with half a brain cell thinks theirs a body double


      • Joe, you’ve been warned about the dangers of this poison, yet you’re telling ppl who have researched the ingredients to go eff themselves? No one is telling you not to take it. In fact, anti-vaxxers will be MORE than happy to let you have their dose. If you blindly trust a bunch of billionaires who never gave a crap about any of us before (starvation across the globe, Flint Michigan’s water crisis…) but you’re willing to take an injection from them, you’re not paying enough attention. No one cares if you take it, Joe, so worry not about anti-vaxxers. Let us know how those auto-immune diseases, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s (from heavy metals) work out. Oh, and don’t try to sue them…they are protected by law and can’t be sued for any death, sickness or fatal diseases they cause. Roll up yer sleeve, Joe, ya know-it-all!

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      • So be quiet. Vaccines are a barbaric form of health care which are really being exposed this year proving the anti-vaxxers were right all along.

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      • Joe if it’s so safe,and you are so sure why don’t Tiffany appear on a news channel question and answer show.She was so nice to take a EUA vaccine, and promote it’s safety PROVE IT. My brother in law dropped dead 4 days after the jab,I got to him quickly,he wasn’t blue not pale,he was black in the face with blood under the skin and his arms ,all the time were ruptured. Ask yourself why Gates is promoting these vaccines,but his own children was never vaccinated for meawsle and chicken pox,also Google the Bill and Linda Gates Foundation and look at the polio bad he pushed on kids in Africa ,drops to babies and for hundred thousand developed polio from the vaccine. Now they find out the vaccine is settling in the kidneys ,liver ,spleen,ovaries and bone marrow, good and reputable doctors are saying this shouldn’t have happened and probably will kill more people 5 years in the future than it is saving. I personally know more people that died ithin a week after the vaccine than died of Civic 19. What the CDC has done is distorted the people no have did FROM covid versus the people who died With covid. An example wood be if I died of a heart attack and just happen to have a bad cold,my death should be on death certificate as HEART ATTACK, not bad cold.


      • The “Anti-vaxxer” canard is hilarious– something akin to “Unsweetened tea” in the United States. Did you know tea generally comes without sugar?


      • 2 years later joe is probably sitting in a bed shitting his diaper and drooling because he was a dumbass and took 4 sips of the juice.


    • Tiffany was more than eager to speak out after she woke up from the Vaccine Injection! Saying she was OK!! I think if she was alive and able now, she would speak up again and say something like “Hey it’s me Tiffany the girl that passed out from the Vaccine injection on live TV! It’s a few days after my Vaccine injection and I’m still OK! I’m not dead as many of you think!!!”
      Please visit http://www.SaveTheHumans.NEWS


      • I can not understand WHY she would not simply start posting on social media that she is OK and do it without a mask. She obviously was/is a team player and probably somewhat empathetic being a nurse. WHY wouldn’t she remove the reasons for ANY doubt and help people ( like the people on here for instance ) from ripping each other apart with speculation?
        I like to rely on facts to form an opinion. But more importantly I attempt to employ epistemology wherever I can.The theory of knowledge, especially with regard to its methods, validity, and scope. Epistemology is the investigation of what distinguishes justified belief from opinion.
        And so far a 30 year old nurse who after having a substantial social media presence does not do the simple task as a quick maskless “I’m OK!” video baffles me.

        Does anyone have an opinion on the why she hasn’t? And please spare me the lack of thought reactions. Think and respond if you do. Thanks


    • So it’s January 12th 2021. Weeks after the first rush of this. Just checked FB, no account for TPD. If she’s like the majority of her generation and sex, she can’t not post something for three weeks. Not with the holidays. She could have easily just continued posting pics of her and her kids at christmas and ended this. She’s had plenty of time to get therapy, hire a lawyer, a publicist, whatever, and go public without a mask and END THIS. crickets. Sadly, I believe, with now thousand so others, she is a victim of the vaccine rushed to market for a disease that doesn’t kill anyone. I know people have died from this, and I am sorry for their lived ones left behind. But the CDC themselves told us in October that around 9,600 people actually died from rona. Divided by the population of the US it’s not even a number. Wake up, people.


  2. I can’t say for sure that Amber Lynn Dietz Honea is the double for Tiffany Dover in the lame attempt photo-op trying to prove she’s still alive although the eyes seem to match, but I feel confidently that the woman in the photo-op isn’t Tiffany. My gut feeling is that Tiffany is dead or at least severely injured from the nanotechnology laced poison she was injected with courtesy of Bill Gates, Pfizar and Dr. Fauci. Let this be a wsrning. DON’T TAKE THE VAX UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.

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  3. Why didn’t Tiffany speak in the video? Think about it. If she spoke her voice could be analyzed and found it was a different person, a body double afterall!

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      • Whoever is standing in for Tiffany has completely different hair colour & parting position. Women do not change the position of their parting on a daily basis. That’s not Tiffany.

        Although the stand-in video is of low quality & too dark (probably deliberately), it is still clear that Tiffany’s striking blue eyes are not apparent in the stand-in. The stand-in appears to have dark eyes, not bright blue ones. In the video she appears nervous & her eyes are shifty.

        The only common sense presumptions from the presentation of a stand-in for Tiffany are that 1) Tiffany was too unwell to attend. 2) Tiffany is dead. 3) Tiffany has gone on a nice long holiday to Hawai, but without posting a single update on any of her media accounts for weeks & without showing the slightest concern for the millions who are concerned for her health & well-being.


  4. Are you saying the issue of vaccine safety is irrelevant here? Tiffany collapsed 16 minutes after getting the vax, and by some reports she died 10 hours later. This isn’t just about Tiffany. It’s about the millions and billions of people in Pharma’s covid-vax cross-hairs. Given the pro-vaxx undertone of this article, your concern for Tiffany comes across as slightly less than genuine.


  5. ***Tiffany Pontes, the nurse who passed out in the Vaccine press conference appears to have died from the Vaccine! 

    Consider sharing…


  6. Video on Bitchute shows screenshots of death query on showing a death record that is also tied to her relatives, Pontes. Now, when you search there for Tiffany Dover all you get is an error message. They’ve scrubbed the record.
    What’s interesting is I searched for Tiffany Dove and list of hits came up. I searched for a recent death within the last week of a friend’s mother and her record showed up, no problem.
    Something is rotten in Chattanooga.


  7. Her hair is different. Tiffany has a crown above her right eye, meaning that her hair automatically divides on her right side, so falls from right to left. See all her pictures on het insta (except the selfies, these are mirrored). With a crown like that, you can never wear your hair divided in the middle. Women know 🙂


  8. When Tiffany Dover was interviewed 17 minutes after the jab, her eyes drifted to the left. Was that a sign of inflammation of her brain? If so, within a number of hours, she could be in a coma or terribly brain damaged or dead. No one has seen her since, no more interviews with the media liars. It may have been the first case of vaccine-related brain damage being filmed.


  9. The eyebrows are SO VERY different. I can’t believe anyone could conclude these pictures are of the same woman. I guess some people are so desperate to believe in this vaccine (or the media narrative), they ignore the information right in front of their eyes.


  10. This vaccine does not keep you from getting infected nor does it keep you from passing it on what it does is make it far less dangerous if you do get it. So please for the love of all this holy keep wearing a mask.


    • Meg, we humans don’t actually ‘catch’ diseases, there are no infectious diseases that are spread from human to human. Try the Facebook group TERRAIN MODEL REFUTES GERM THEORY.


  11. had Tiffany Dover of Higdon Alabama age 30 deceased in Jan 2021,also a newspaper from Higdon Alabama had an obituary for her service. Now both have disappeared.If this vaccine not approved by the FDA is so safe and she was so quick to step in front of the camera to prove it, then as a medical professional she and CHI owes it to the public to go back on TV and answer call in questions. Then the CDC any NIH wouldn’t have a problem getting the 47% of people in the U.S. to take the man. Also it’s been confirmed by doctors and scientist that they were surprised at how quickly these vaccines settle into the bone marrow and they are not sure if it will lead to lymphoma somewhere in the near future. 1point to remember,these are EUA vaccines,they are not licensed. During the Swine Flu epidemic,73 people died from the vaccine and the FDA stopped using it. With 99% of people recovering from Covid ,why the rush on an unprovened medicine.All deaths are bad ,but over 90% of the 1% who died had an immune problem or some underlying condition.


  12. The more they try to “prove” Tiffany is alive using these clumsy Soviet style propaganda tactics, the more it appears she’s dead…
    NEVER accept ANY more jabs from these satanic sociopaths.


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