Michelle L. Swing is Anthony Quinn Warner, Pamela Perry’s daughter?

Anthony Quinn Warner

Anthony Quinn Warner

Anthony Quinn “Tony” Warner, 63, and Pamela Ann Perry, 64, were in a romantic relationship in 2019. They were both from Nashville, Tennessee, United States and they were both represented by Raymond “Chip” Trask Throckmorton III, 52.

In January 2019, Warner gave his family’s house in Antioch via quit claim for $0 to Michelle Louise Swing, 29, of Los Angeles, California, USA. On March 23, 2019, she gave the house back to his mother Betty Christine Lane, 85, via quit claim.

Images of Warner’s other house in Antioch captured on Google Maps in May 2019 show a white recreational vehicle parked in the yard, which was surrounded by a wooden fence. He bought the house in 2010 for $249,000.


On August 21, 2019, Perry made suicidal threats to Throckmorton over the phone so the lawyer called the Metro Nashville Police Department South Precinct in Nashville to her house in Nashville. When officers arrived at her house, she was found sitting on the porch with two pistols next to her that were not loaded.

Perry told the officers that the guns belonged to Warner and she did not want them at her house any longer. She also told the officers that Warner was building bombs in the recreational vehicle at his residence in Antioch.

Throckmorton also told the officers that Warner was capable of making a bomb. When the officers went to Warner’s house, no evidence of a crime was found and they had no authority to enter the house or the fenced property.

On November 25, 2020, Warner gave the house to Swing via quit claim for $0. On December 25, 2020, he died while inside his RV, which exploded outside the AT&T transmission building on Second Avenue North in Nashville.


Warner’s motive behind the explosion is still a mystery. Why he gave two houses to Swing for free is also still a mystery.

There are speculations that Swing is Warner’s biological daughter. At this point, it is difficult to establish this since she is not speaking to the media although she is reportedly cooperating with the authorities.

A letter Warner sent to Swing in November 2020 is now in the hands of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The letter ended with a cryptic message about the house he just gave her saying, “The attic has plywood and lighting, take a look. The basement is not normal, take a look. Woof woof Julio.”

Before the explosion on December 25, 2020, Warner told his former girlfriend that he had cancer and gave her his car, the New York Times reported. The publication did not name the former girlfriend and there is still no evidence whether or not she was Perry.

There is still no evidence whether or not Perry and Warner had a child. If they had a child, could it be Swing?

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