13 most handsome ‘One Night in Miami’ actors

Directed by Regina King, “One Night in Miami” is the film adaptation of Kemp Powers’ stage play of the same name. He also wrote the screenplay of the film, which premiered on September 7, 2020 at the Venice Film Festival.

Produced by Jess Wu Calder, Keith Calder and Jody Klein, the film marked King’s directorial debut. Among the female members of the cast are Joaquina Kalukango, Nicolette Robinson, Emily Bridges, Ashley LeConte Campbell and Nola Epps.

Prime Video released “One Night in Miami” on January 15, 2020. Here are the 13 most handsome actors in the cast:


#13 | Christian Magby

  • “One Night in Miami” role: Jamaal
  • previous recent films: “Somma,” “The Boombox Saints”


#12 | Aaron D. Alexander

  • “One Night in Miami” role: Sonny Liston
  • previous recent films: “Scare Package,” “Sunrise in Heaven,” “Second Impression”


#11 | Lance Reddick

  • “One Night in Miami” role: Kareem X
  • previous recent films: “Sylvie’s Love,” “Faith Based,” “Business Ethics”


#10 | Hunter Burke

  • “One Night in Miami” role: Jess Rand
  • previous recent films: “Still Today,” “You Can’t Take My Daughter,” “Lost Bayou”


#9 | Joshua Nylan Tanner

  • “One Night in Miami” role: Boston ballroom announcer
  • previous recent films: “Blood Brother,” “Girls Trip,” “Elvis & Nixon”


#8 | Jason Ament

  • “One Night in Miami” role: Miami referee
  • previous recent film: “Free State of Jones”


#7 | Randall Newsome

  • “One Night in Miami” role: Myron Cohen
  • previous recent films: “Dirt Road to Lafayette,” “Geostrom,” “Hidden Figures”


#6 | Kingsley Ben-Adir

  • “One Night in Miami” role: Malcolm X
  • previous recent films: “Noelle,” “The Commuter,” “Diana and I”


#5| Jeremy Pope

  • “One Night in Miami” role: Jackie Wilson
  • previous recent film: “The Ranger”


#4 | Leslie Odom Jr.

  • “One Night in Miami” role: Sam Cooke
  • previous recent films: “Hamilton,” “Harriet,” “Only”


#3 | Aldis Hodge

  • “One Night in Miami” role: Jim Brown
  • previous recent films: “Magic Camp,” “The Invisible Man,” “Clemency”


#2 | Christopher Gorham

  • “One Night in Miami” role: Johnny Carson
  • previous recent films: “We Love You, Sally Carmichael!,” “A Boy Called Po”


#1 | Eli Goree

  • “One Night in Miami” role: Cassius Clay
  • previous recent films: “Race,” “Toni Braxton: Unbreak My Heart”

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