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Emily Hernandez biography: 13 things about US Capitol riot suspect from Sullivan, Missouri

Emily Hernandez

Emily Hernandez

Emily Hernandez hails from Missouri, United States. Here are 13 more things about her:

  1. She lives in Sullivan, Missouri. (a)
  2. She was one of the 8th grade participants in the May Day 2014 in Spring Bluff School in Sullivan. (b)
  3. In 2014, she graduated from Spring Bluff School. (b)
  4. She attended Sullivan High School where she was an athlete. She competed in discus, javelin, long jump, shot put, 100 meter dash and 200 meter dash. (c)
  5. A Sullivan High School freshman, she competed in the Borgia Quad Meet on March 31, 2015. She ranked 21st in the girls 100 meter dash, 22nd in the girls 200 meter dash, 21st in the girls shot put and 24th in the girls discuss throw. (d)
  6. In 2018, she graduated from Sullivan High School. (c)
  7. On January 6, 2021, she was caught on camera holding Nancy Pelosi‘s broken wooden nameplate and a white manila envelope at the U.S. Capitol building in Washington, D.C., USA. That day, Donald Trump supporters breached the building while a joint session of Congress was certifying the vote of the Electoral College and affirming Joe Biden‘s victory in the 2020 presidential election. (a) (e) 
  8. She was 20 years old when she participated in the U.S. Capitol riot on January 6, 2021. (a) During the riot, she wore a shirt with the name of the St. Louis Cardinals, a professional baseball team based in St. Louis, Missouri, a white and gray winter hat and a pair of round sunglasses. (e) (f)
  9. Photos of her from the U.S. Capitol riot on January 6, 2021 went viral. On January 8, 2021, a former high school classmate and two acquaintances identified her and informed the Federal Bureau of Investigation. (f)
  10. Her driver license photograph obtained by the FBI from the Missouri Department of Motor Vehicles matched her photos from the U.S. Capitol riot on January 6, 2021. (f)
  11. FBI special agent Jorge Herrera filed a criminal complaint against her, which was assigned to U.S. Magistrate Judge Robin M. Meriweather on January 15, 2021. (f)
  12. Due to her participation in the U.S. Capitol riot on January 6, 2021, she was charged with knowingly entering or remaining in any restricted building or grounds; disorderly conduct which impedes the conduct of government business; stealing, selling, conveying or disposing of any thing of value of the U.S.; disruptive conduct in the U.S. Capitol buildings and parading, demonstrating or picketing in the Capitol buildings. (g)
  13. She has yet to be arrested.

(This is a developing story. More details will be added.)


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