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The importance of essay writing for US students

laptop, notepad (©Nick Morrison)

laptop, notepad (©Nick Morrison)

This was written by Vendy Adams and edited by Rafi Gandolfi.

Writing an essay is like sharing a part of your intellectuality with others because people who read it get a glimpse of your soulful ideas. Essay writing enhances a student’s skill in numerous areas enabling them to become confident writers capable of expressing themselves without inhibitions. 

Essays help students develop a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter and hone their skills to present it engagingly. A well-appreciated piece that fetches good grades improves the self-image of the students significantly.  


Improves reading and note-making skills

Essay writing improves the student’s ability to organize the subject matter information they gather in an enhanced, easy to access manner. Essays kindle the interest to explore more about a topic and conduct in-depth research, increasing the quest for knowledge multiple folds. 

It also helps the students develop good organization skills, which are vital in their job or career. Students learn to use different online note-making tools like Microsoft OneNote and Google Keep. 

They develop good information organizing skills to help during higher studies while working on a long project or submitting a thesis. Improved reading and information gathering enable the students to sort out the core subject matter’s unimportant points. This skill will teach them to write precisely, making short and sharp points.

Essay writing help

Before we discuss the next few points on why it is important for the US students to write essays, it is vital to know that there is external help available in case college students lack the requisite skills to write. 

Not everybody possesses the same level of skills and I wasn’t a great writer during my first year at college. And while I was practicing to be a good one, I took help from essay maker by Studyclerk. It’s a great service that helped me write my essay and there are thousands of other students who use this outstanding essay writing service. After all, it is better to approach for help rather than failing and messing up the education plans.

Learning new ways to argue or present a point

The students will start exploring different styles to make the sharp points capture the attention of the audience. Further, they start learning and using different argument styles to present a particular issue. Students learn to present deductive facts with proof, critically reason, question certain areas, use direct arguments to oppose a point, and deductive reasoning to experiment. 

Developing such skills helps the students to improve their overall self-confidence. The US students participate in group discussions, which will enable them to present their new writing styles enthusiastically to other students. 

Learning to present an argument in different forms will allow them to draft excellent formal and informal documents in their workplace later with ease. Good writing acts as a life-enhancing experience for these reasons.

Argument consolidation skills

Argument consolidation is a necessary life skill vital in several parts of life, from interviews to establishing a robust online presence by creating compelling content. Only clear exploration and understanding of the subject matter will give the confidence to consolidate the points presented with passion. 

Communicating effectively with solid points to support their claim will win many business deals leading to better career growth in the future. Argument consolidation skills expressed in the essay help the professor access the student’s leadership traits and look at them with renewed interest.

Communication with authority

Essay writing enables students to learn the difference between formal and informal writing. They know how to use humor, satire, and the basics of presenting a paper covering all the reading’s critical aspects. It enables them to showcase how much they have learned and how skilled they are in expressing themselves to the world through their writing. 

Paper structuring skills that retain the reader’s interest for a long period are developed enormously through essay writing. A student mastering this skill will easily be able to make people listen to them in the future. Good analytical skill is necessary to communicate with authority as there is solid proof or backup for the essay’s claims. 

Formal writing skill development

Formal writing is applicable in the workplace to write letters, requests, memos, emails while communicating with the clients and a plethora of other places. Mastering formal writing, free of sentence structure and grammatical errors, can be made possible only through regular writing. 

Essay writing is a great way to hone such skills. Students might be required to write anything from a newsletter to formal business proposals in the future. The basics of formal writing learned through essay writing will come in handy on many future occasions. 

Students can check online using free or paid grammar tools to assess their business writing level or formal writing to know where they lack and improve considerably for their benefit and get better grades in the exam.


Many university and college students use professional essay maker websites to fetch good marks. Use such services to study the best points they implement in an article. It is essential to analyze how their essay is presented and what the student’s actual essay lack. Such a comparison will help the students drastically in knowledge enhancing education. Use these services to learn how to present an essay in the best format.


Author’s Bio:

Vendy Adams is a talented freelance academic writer and editor working for an online essay writing agency. She has also pursued professional courses in social media marketing and has recently joined a digital marketing agency. In her free time, she loves solving puzzles, playing with her pets and reading business magazines.

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