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Marcus Guice arrested, accused of participating in Kiana Singleton’s homicide on Wandering Way

Marcus Guice was recently arrested by Jackson Police Department (JPD) officers in Jackson, Mississippi, United States. He was accused of being involved in the homicide of Kiana Singleton.

On January 24, 2021, Singleton was shot once in the head while inside her vehicle on Wandering Way, Jackson, which led to her death. She was riding in the vehicle with someone else, JPD spokesperson Sam Brown told WLBT.

Singleton was 25 years old when she died. Jackson mayor Chokwe Antar Lumumba has expressed his condolences to her family.

“She was the most prettiest girl you’ve ever seen in your life,” Singleton’s Cortez Singleton said of her in an interview with WJTV. “She was always smiling and always happy and whenever I was around her, I was always laughing.”

According to Cortez, Kiana was shot after leaving the Zaxby’s parking lot next to M-Bar in Jackson. He said, “Somehow, there was an argument that began with two men apparently in a black or dark colored car.”


This was not the first time Guice was arrested by the JPD. He was 32 years old when he was arrested on June 19, 2008 along with three others.

That day, the JPD arrested Guice with Latallia Antionette James, James Mallett and Kizzy Smith, who were aged 44, 32 and 28, respectively, at the time, WLBT reported. The four arrestees were charged with selling marijuana, possession of cocaine and possession of cocaine with intent to distribute.

In addition, Guice was charged with being a felon in possession of a firearm. He, James, Mallett and Smith were held in the Hinds County Jail in Hinds County, Mississippi.

On April 14, 2009, Guice appeared at a pretrial conference. He was sentenced on October 5, 2009.

On September 27, 2010, Guice filed a motion asserting that the plea agreement he signed on April 21, 2009 was an unconscionable contract of adhesion and unenforceable for lack of consideration. In response, the court found that he had waived his right to file his motion and that he otherwise failed to provide a valid justification for vacating the judgment against him.

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