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Tessica Brown’s surgery went well: MiKO Plastic Surgery’s Dr. Michael Obeng

Freedom recently made Tessica Brown, 40, of Violet, Saint Bernard Parish, Louisiana, United States cry for joy. Her hair is finally free from the glue that caged it for a month and gave her the name Gorilla Glue Girl.

On February 4, 2021, Brown took to TikTok to share a video of herself giving details of her hair ordeal. She said she ran out of Got2B hair spray so she applied Gorilla Glue spray adhesive on her hair, which she was not able to rinse off for a month already.

Nothing seems to work so Brown asked for help from strangers. Dr. Michael Obeng reached out to her and offered to give her surgery for free.

Obeng is the director of MiKO Plastic Surgery in Beverly Hills, California, USA. Brown accepted his offer and on February 10, 2021, she underwent a four-hour procedure, which normally costs $12,500.

During the procedure, Brown was under a light anesthesia, TMZ reported. She became emotional upon reaching for her hair and realizing that her month-long hair ordeal has ended.

“The surgery went well,” Obeng told CBS Los Angeles. “Tessica is doing well. She’s awake. The hair crew is doing her hair.”

According to Obeng, the main ingredient of the Gorilla Glue product that Brown used is polyurethane. To break down the ingredient, he used a combination of acetone, aloe vera, olive oil and medical grade adhesive remover.

Before the procedure with Obeng in MiKO Plastic Surgery, Brown tried numerous remedies, which all failed. On February 7, 2021, she and her sister used the product Goof Off, which helped them soften the glue and remove her ponytail.

Now that the glue is gone, maybe it is also time for people to stop calling Brown the Gorilla Glue Girl. The mother of five told Entertainment Tonight, “It bothers my little girls when they go to school.”

“My name is Tessica,” Brown continued. “Every time somebody puts up something on social media, that’s it. My inbox is flooded.”

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