Zack Tabudlo song ‘Iyong-Iyo’ released via MCA Music, inspired by ‘Let’s Fight Ghost’

Zack Tabudlo’s new song “Iyong-Iyo” is now available on all digital platforms worldwide via MCA Music Inc. Written by Tiny Corpuz, the song sees the singer putting it all on the line and giving everything, literal possession.

Kahit pa ba sa kabilang buhay, ‘di maglalaho (Even in the afterlife, it will not disappear),” Tabudlo croons in the glimmering chorus, showcasing his lyrical penchant for themes like romance and longing. Gentle harmonies and mellow instrumentation make you feel like you’re floating and allow Tabudlo to flex the upper register of his vocal range, his high notes triumphant and sincere.

“I was really in touch with making the album art of the song, as well, having a Halloween-like ghost costume in it which shows a person under a white cloth with holes in it, but has this heart glowing from his chest,” Tabudlo said. “He wants to be like the ghost to really feel the same connection, with his heart glowing, symbolizing how much love he feels for the ghost.”

According to Tabudlo, “Iyong-Iyo” was inspired by the original Thai song for the “Let’s Fight Ghost” series, which is set to air in March 2021. Directed by Kongkiat Khomsiri, the series stars Saint Suppapong Udomkaewkanjana, Orn Patchanan Jiajirachote, Junior Kornawich Sungkibool, Apiwit Bartholomew Reardon, Mind Waratthaya Wongchayaporn and Big Thongpoom Siripipat.

“I wanted to take it to a different world with different styles and vibe compared to the original,” Tabudlo shared. “It has a very slow blues-pop feel to it production wise. I wanted to go for something mellow having the foundation from the original one but has a slow-dance feel to it instead of going full ballad.”

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