San Francisco’s Haskell Allen arrested, accused of attacking 83-year-old Asian man in Tenderloin

Haskell Allen, 31, of San Francisco, California, United States has been arrested. He was accused of assaulting an elderly man on Valentine’s Day.

Allen allegedly pushed an Asian man, 83, to the pavement without provocation while the latter was walking on the 200 block of Turk Street in Tenderloin, San Francisco on the morning of February 14, 2021. Shortly after 8:00 p.m., the suspect was arrested on Turk and Hyde streets in San Francisco.

Passersby assisted the victim, who is not yet identified, before medics arrived and transported him to the hospital. His injuries were serious but not life-threatening, San Francisco Police Department officer Robuert Rueca told the San Francisco Examiner.

It was not the first time Allen was arrested. He was accused of trespassing at a retail store with a pharmacy on the 100 block of Powell Street in San Francisco on December 10, 2020.

When police officers arrested Allen for trespassing, they also found out that he was wanted on several outstanding warrants for alleged crimes including burglary and assault with a deadly weapon. He was on probation and had a court order to stay away from the area where he was arrested on Valentine’s Day.

Currently, Allen is in the custody of the San Francisco County Jail. He was charged with aggravated assault with force, elder abuse with great bodily injury, battery with great bodily injury, inflicting great bodily injury on an elder during a felony, committing a felony while on pretrial release, violation of a stay-away order and injuring a person due to perceived race.

According to San Francisco State University‘s Asian-American studies professor Russell Jeung, assaults and racism have created a climate of fear and anxiety in many Asian-American communities. There is a need to document the racism directed towards Asians because mainstream society does not believe that they face racism, Gwinnett Daily Post quoted the professor as saying.

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  1. Why isn’t a mug shot or picture of Haskell Allen available? Are you practicing systemic racism and white privilege by protecting his racial identity? You probably wouldn’t do this if Allen was a Black or Latino man. Shame on you for perpetuating racism. You’re upholding the racist standards of American journalism and that makes you responsible for much of what is dangerous for Black people and people of color in this soul rotted country. You should be ashamed, but you have no shame.


  2. Angela Renee Small Blalock – media does practice systemic racism but not in the way you imply. If the suspect is white, it will be in the headline. If the suspect is black, there will be no mention of the race.


  3. Sorry to bust the bubble, but I do not think that person is white. Just search facebook for Haskell Allen, and you all will see. Main issue at the moment is all the tension happening and they are not wanting to see what is going on. It is fine to blame white people all the time, shit it is easier than just seeing the people doing all the crimes. Do white people commit hate crimes, yes. But there are others who target all others more and attack the other races more than any other. No body wants to look at those facts. The Asian community is under attack most by other groups than itself. That is the only group which is, and before blaming white people look at the statistics. One of the largest communities of Asians is located in Houston TX and get attack the least! A lot less per cap than in California and New York. Get strapped and clap back and it will stop!

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  4. In southern CA, there are young Asians on the lookout and preparing to do major damages. They say violence is the only solution to rid off these cowardice no good low-lives in society.


  5. Just ask the Asians who’s,robbing them, attacking them,stealing from them, cursing them, beating them. It’s not the whites.


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