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Worcester, Massachusetts’ Karrar Ahmed Daffaie nearly strikes cop with Mitsubishi Eclipse

Karrar Ahmed Daffaie (©Natick Police Department)

Karrar Ahmed Daffaie (©Natick Police Department)

Karrar Ahmed Daffaie, 19, of Worcester, Massachusetts, United States is accused of nearly striking a police officer. The teenager has been arrested.

On the evening of February 27, 2021, Daffaie participated in an apparent street race near the Natick Mall in Natick, Middlesex County, Massachusetts with a Mitsubishi Eclipse. A male police officer on patrol near the mall went to check out the noise after hearing several engines revving.

The officer tried to stop the vehicles but the drivers sped past him instead. Natick Police Department spokeswoman Lieutenant Cara Rossi told Metro West Daily News, “One of them came within inches of striking the officer, putting his life at risk as well as the general public’s.”

Driving his Mitsubishi Eclipse, Daffaie allegedly sped off to Framingham, Massachusetts after nearly striking the police officer. An officer was able to stop the vehicle in Framingham and the teenager was arrested at 9:44 p.m. that evening.

Aside from being charged with driving to endanger, driving an unregistered vehicle, driving an uninsured vehicle and failing to stop for police, Daffaie was cited for attaching plates. He will be arraigned in Natick District Court on March 1, 2021.

Daffaie attended City View Discovery School in Worcester. When he was in fifth grade, he worked with his teacher Jon Short for a music project.

In March 2013, Daffaie and his classmate Jorge Ocasio changed the lyrics of Robert Johnson’s song “Walking Blues,” according to Boston Globe. Short performed the song in class with his guitar.

After City View Discovery School, Daffaie went to North High School, one of five public high schools in Worcester. He graduated in June 2020.

Located in Central Massachusetts, Worcester is dubbed the Heart of the Commonwealth. The city is the county seat of Worcester County, Massachusetts and is named after Worcester, Worcestershire, England, United Kingdom.

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