Neera Tanden biography: 13 things about Indian-American political consultant

Neera Tanden is an American political consultant of Indian descent. She is a Democrat.

Tanden is 5’2″ tall. Here are 13 more things about her:


  1. She was born to Indian parents in Bedford, Massachusetts, United States in 1970. Her brother Raj Tanden was born in 1966. Their father earned his master’s degree from Harvard Law School in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
  2. In 1975, her parents divorced. Her father sold their family house, took the profits with him and went back to India, leaving her, Raj and their mother Maya Tanden in Bedford. Maya was on welfare for around three years before being employed as a travel agent.
  3. In 1981, she became a very active supporter of Ronald Reagan.
  4. While attending the University of California, Los Angeles, she volunteered for Michael Dukakis, who unsuccessfully ran for president in 1988. That was how she met Benjamin Edwards, who was also a volunteer.
  5. In 1989, Edwards proposed to her.
  6. She ran for vice president of the student body of UCLA and won. She earned her bachelor of arts degree from the university in 1992.
  7. She attended Yale Law School  in New Haven, Connecticut, USA where she was the submissions editor for the Yale Law and Policy Review. She earned her Juris Doctor in 1996.
  8. She and Edwards married in 1999. Hilary Clinton threw them a wedding party in East Wing’s Yellow Oval Room at the White House in Washington, D.C., USA. She gave birth to their daughter Ilina Edwards in 2002 and their son Jaden Edwards in 2005.
  9. In 2003, she was involved in the founding of the Center for American Progress. From 2003 to 2005, she was the legislative director of Hillary Clinton, who served as New York senator from January 2001 to January 2009.
  10. In 2008, she served as the policy director for Clinton, who unsuccessfully bid for the Democratic presidential nomination. She then became the director of domestic policy for the Barack ObamaJoe Biden presidential campaign.
  11. In 2010, she became the chief operating officer of the Center for American Progress. She assumed the presidency on November 1, 2011.
  12. In 2016, she served as the adviser of Clinton, who was successful in the primary nomination campaign before losing to Donald Trump in the general election.
  13. On November 29, 2020, Biden announced that he would nominate her as the next director of the Office of Management and Budget. On March 2, 2021, he announced that he had accepted her request to withdraw her name from nomination from the position.

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  1. Impressive bio, good political education, with Yale & Harvard. Lot of government experience. A political attorney; however absolutely no recognizable experience with budgetary, financial, business, or large organizational management experience that would qualify her for the Office of Management and Budget.

    I personally was educated (M.S) as a Business operations manager, comptroller and manager who had worked at the Pentagon for the Comptroller doing the FYDP, 20 years in business as an operations manager, Director and in a start-up well as 20 years with military experience.

    I would hire her as an attorney, but never as OMB director, I would not qualify her as a Budget Director or Manager of a large organization, but possibly a good attorney. Bottom line, she does not have the qualifications for OMB. . Attorneys are typically (in my experience) good for legal and contracts jobs, but not business managers–proof is majority of Senate members.

    POTUS’ s till trying to appoint some for their political work or donations, not because they are qualified! Trump did it big bad time (Perry, Duvos, Post Office, Housing, Justice, Transportation….) Hoped Biden would be better, and he has “done good” with most so far–needs to only pick the best–white, black,black,yellow, or multi–don’t care. This is my money–so just hire the best qualified to get the job done!


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