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Sean Michael Lannon biography: 13 things about Grants, New Mexico man

Sean Michael Lannon (©Gloucester County Prosecutor's Office)

Sean Michael Lannon (©Gloucester County Prosecutor’s Office)

Sean Michael Lannon is a white man who has lived in different parts of the United States including New Mexico and New Jersey. Here are 13 more things about him:

  1. He is originally from East Greenwich Township, Gloucester County, New Jersey. (a)
  2. He is a resident of Grants, Cibola County, New Mexico. (a)
  3. He previously lived in Paulsboro, Gloucester County. (b)
  4. He is 5’9″ tall. (a)
  5. He was married to Jennifer Dawn Lannon, who obtained a nursing license in New Jersey in 2010 and in New Mexico in 2017. The one in New Jersey was suspended in 2018 and the one in New Mexico was revoked in 2020. She was 39 when she died in 2021. (a) (c)
  6. In August 2018, he filed for divorce from Jennifer. They have three children together. (d) (e)
  7. In February 2019, he and Jennifer’s divorce was made official after a judge decided in his favor. (d)
  8. He was 47 years old when he was accused of killing Jennifer, Matthew Miller, 21, Jesten Mata, 40, and Randal Apostalon, 60, who were reported missing from Grants in January 2021and found dead in a parked vehicle at an airport in Albuquerque, New Mexico on March 5, 2021. (a) (c)
  9. He was accused of forcing his way into a home in Monroeville, Elk Township, New Jersey while carrying a Royal Farms plastic bag and armed with a 16-inch kitchen knife on March 8, 2021. On the same day, he allegedly killed a male longtime acquaintance named Michael Dabkowski, then 66, in East Greenwich Township. (a)
  10. On March 9, 2021, prosecutors announced that he was charged with burglary and possession of a weapon. (a)
  11. On the morning of March 10, 2021, U.S. Marshals arrested him in St. Louis, Missouri, USA. (e)
  12. On March 12, 2021, he was extradited to New Jersey and booked into the Salem County Correctional Facility in Woodstown, Salem County, New Jersey. (f)
  13. On March 19, 2021, a prosecutor in court said he confessed to killing Jennifer, Miller, Mata, Apostalon, Dabkowski and 11 other people in New Mexico. Represented by public defender Frank Unger, he did not testify when he attended the court hearing remotely that day before Judge Mary Beth Kramer, who ordered him to be held without bail. (g)


(This is a developing story. More details will be added.)


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