Kigali City’s Ingabire Grace is Miss Rwanda 2021, crowned at Intare Conference Arena

Ingabire Grace, 25, of Kigali City, Rwanda has been crowned as Miss Rwanda 2021. She is the 11th woman to hold the title.

Ingabire holds a bachelor’s degree in dance with a concentration in globalization and philosophy and psychology. She works at Ikiringo Project, which promotes local dance.

Runner-up to Ingabire is Akaliza Amanda, 24, of Kigali City. Umutoni Witness, 20, of Kigali City was second runner-up.

Akaliza has a bachelor’s degree in international relations. She loves singing, modelling and eating Ethiopia dishes.

Umutoni completed high school in customs and tax operations. As Miss Rwanda 2021 second runner-up, she received Rwf1, 800, 000 from Volcano, a professional transport company operating in major cities in Rwanda.


The Miss Rwanda 2021 coronation night took place at the Intare Conference Arena in Kaguba, Kigali City, Rwanda on March 20, 2021. Lucky Nzeyimana, Davy Carmel and Abera Martina hosted the ceremony.

Including Ingabire, Akaliza and Umutoni, 20 finalists competed for the crown during the coronation night. Pamella Mudakikwa, James A. Munyaneza, Teddy Kaberuka, Evelyne Umurerwa and Mukazibera Agnes served as the judges.

All of the 20 finalists will receive scholarships of their choice from the University of Kigali in Kigali, Rwanda based on their respective levels of education and progress. Joining Ingabire, Akaliza and Umutoni in the Top 10 were Musana Teta Hense, 21, Uwase Phiona, 21, Kabagema Laila, 19, Ishimwe Sonia, 18, Kayitare Isheja Morella, 19, Akaliza Hope, 21, and Kayirebwa Marie Paul, 24.

Amanda sang while Ingabire and Umutoniwase Sandrine, 20, did choreography and painting, respectively, during the talent competition. Amanda and Ingabire made it to the Top 3 of the talent show while Umutoniwase received Rwf1, 800, 000 from the Health Development Initiative-Rwanda as the overall winner.

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