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San Francisco’s Darrell Hunter threatened to shoot Asian American, Pacific Islander people in Tenderloin?

Darrell Hunter, 46, of San Francisco, California, United States has been arrested by the San Francisco Police Department. He was charged with a probation violation, stalking, two counts of burglary, three counts of criminal threats and three hate crime enhancements.

Hunter is accused of threatening to get a gun and shoot Asian American and Pacific Islander customers in a bakery store on Golden Gate Street in Tenderloin, San Francisco on March 26, 2021. He allegedly did the same on March 27, 2021, on March 28, 2021 and on March 30, 2021.

At around 5:50 a.m. on March 30, 2021, Hunter was arrested on Eddy Street in San Francisco, SF Bay reported. Held without bail, he was booked into the San Francisco County Jail and is expected in court on April 1, 2021.

The victim was an Asian woman, 42, who works at the bakery store. She told NBC Bay Area that on the third day Hunter went to the store, he came in, leaned on the door and said he would get a gun and shoot the Chinese people there.

“I wish the judge or whoever is in charge right now with him (would) take it seriously before (they) release this guy because he is dangerous,” the victim told the publication. “If (being shot did) not happen to me, (it might) happen to someone else.”


Aside from San Francisco, Hunter has lived in other areas of California including Richmond and San Rafael. In 1997, he was convicted of the murder of a former football star in Marin City, Marin County, California.

In 2008, Hunter was released from custody after serving 11 years of a lifetime prison sentence, the San Francisco Examiner has learned. He successfully petitioned a judge for a new trial and was acquitted of all charges.

On December 7, 2010, Hunter was arrested for allegedly interfering with a process server. He was seated in a chair while in custody at the Hall of Justice jail in San Francisco when San Francisco Sheriff’s Department deputy Adam Burleson punched him in the head,

Hours later, Hunter was released and charged with a crime.  He suffered a mild concussion and sprains to both wrists from his arrest.

In 2011, Hunter filed a lawsuit against then San Francisco sheriff Michael Hennessey. Representing Hunter, Joe Elford accused Hennessey of removing any record of the incident from Burleson’s personnel file without reviewing the video evidence.

In 2018, Hunter entered a business four times in 15 days, yelled racial epithets and damaged restaurant furniture in one incident. He is on active probation for vandalism stemming from the incident.

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  1. Why so shy to the pictures of the criminal and why no account of his race? If this was a case of ‘police brutality’ we would read at length about abuse and ‘systemic racism’… In this case I cannot find any reference of the race of Darrell Hunter. Based on his long criminal record I have my educated guesses but I wonder what suddenly so shy? Are we trying not to offend any criminals sio we neuter the news according? Is Chesa Boudin, our far left DA going to free him (oh, poor him!) because he doesn’t know any better?


  2. this guy already previously went to prison for the murder of Ronnie Small Jr and was released so just google “Ronnie Small Jr” if you want to see a picture of him. You’ll see a picture of him in the first google result which links to the marinij independent journal article about the murder or you can see him in a red jumpsuit in the first pic on the google images page.


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