Mohammad Fakhreddine vs Mohammed Said Maalem at ‘BRAVE CF 50’ in Bahrain cancelled

Mohammed Shahid, Mohammad Fakhreddine, Carlos Kremer (©BRAVE CF)

Mohammed Shahid, Mohammad Fakhreddine, Carlos Kremer (©BRAVE CF)

Mohammad The Latest” Fakhreddine, 36, of Lebanon and Mohammed Said “L’Ambiance” Maalem, 38, of Algeria and Switzerland were supposed to co-headline at “BRAVE CF 50.” They were set to fight for the vacant BRAVE Combat Federation title in the light heavyweight division.

“BRAVE CF 50” took place at the Arad Fort in Arad, Bahrain on April 1, 2021. Currently reigning as the BRAVE CF Middleweight World Champion, Fakhreddine would have been the first ever Middle Eastern two-division champion if he had defeated Maalem.

But Fakhreddine’s dream of becoming a two-weight champion will have to wait. He was forced off his BRAVE CF Light Heavyweight Championship title shot due to illness.


Fakhreddine was not feeling well as he made it backstage in the Arad Fort. After consultation with the on-site doctors, his bout against Maalem was scrapped off “BRAVE CF 50.”

With the bout cancelled, “BRAVE CF 50” went on with 16 bouts. The new co-main event was between Ali “The King Puncher” Bagautinov, 35, of Russia and Dustin Ortiz, 32, of the United States.

Bagautinov and Ortiz battled it out in a semi-final bout of the BRAVE CF Flyweight Tournament. After three five-minute rounds, referee Declan Larkin raised the hand of the Russian contender as the winner via unanimous decision.

In the main event, Ismail Naurdiev, 24, of Austria challenged reigning BRAVE CF Super Welterweight Champion Jarrah “The Jordanian Lion” Al-Silawi, 29, of Jordan. Larkin put a stop to the title bout after 1 minutes and 19 seconds in the second round when the Jordanian champion knocked out his Austrian challenger via leg kicks.

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