You aren’t Khabib Nurmagomedov or Mike Tyson: Mohammed Said Maalem to Mohammad Fakhreddine

Mohammed Shahid, Mohammad Fakhreddine, Carlos Kremer (©BRAVE CF)

Mohammed Shahid, Mohammad Fakhreddine, Carlos Kremer (©BRAVE CF)

Reigning BRAVE Combat Federation Middleweight World Champion Mohammad The Latest” Fakhreddine, 36, of Lebanon will become the first ever Middle Eastern two-division champion if he beats Mohammed Said “L’Ambiance” Maalem, 38, of Algeria and Switzerland at “BRAVE CF 50.” The two will compete for the BRAVE CF Light Heavyweight World Championship title.

“BRAVE CF 50” will take place at the Arad Fort in Arad, Bahrain on April 1, 2021. During their virtual face-offs before fight night, Fakhreddine mocked Maalem’s wrestling skills and underestimated the Algerian-Swiss mixed martial artist’s fighting skills.

Fakhreddine claimed that he has fought tougher, bigger, and more experienced fighters during his participation in BRAVE CF’s open weight tournament. He also questioned Maalem’s conditioning.

In response, Maalem mocked Fakhreddine’s chances of becoming the first BRAVE CF double weight champion in history. The Algerian-Swiss fighter pointed our that dreaming is free and his Lebanese opponent can dream “but dreaming does not make your wishes into a reality.”

According to Maalem, Fakhreddine chose him as an opponent because he considered him an easy win. But for the Algerian-Swiss fighter, these assumptions will lead to his Lebanese opponent’s demise.


Maalem took it as far as telling Fakhreddine he would take a photo of himself weighing himself the morning of the fight so that the latter would not claim his opponent was too heavy for him. The former also mentioned undefeated MMA fighter Khabib Nurmagomedov, 32, of Russia and legendary boxer Mike Tyson, 54, of the United States.

“You aren’t Khabib or Mike Tyson,” Maalem told Fakhreddine. On the other hand, the reigning BRAVE CF Middleweight World Champion is confident that he will make history at “BRAVE CF 50,” which fans can watch live and free on BRAVE CF TV.

This will be Fakhreddine’s 10th BRAVE CF fight. He holds a professional MMA record of 14 wins, 4 losses, 0 draw and 1 No Contest.

Maalem has 11 wins and 3 losses. “BRAVE CF 50” marks his third BRAVE CF outing.

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