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Little Village, Chicago’s Adam Toledo shot, Ruben Roman charged, Eric Stillman on administrative duty

Adam Toledo, 13, of Little Village, Chicago, Illinois, United States died on March 29, 2021. He was fatally shot by a Chicago Police Department (CPD) officer.

After 2:00 a.m. that day, officers responded to a shots fired alert in Little Village. In a nearby alley, they found Toledo and Ruben Roman Jr., 21, of Maywood, Proviso Township, Cook County, Illinois.

The officers pursued Toledo and Roman on foot after the two suspects fled them. In a confrontation, CPD officer Eric E. Stillman, 34, shot Toledo in the chest.

A gun was found at the scene where Toledo was declared dead. CPD spokesperson Tom Ahern took to Twitter to share a photo of the gun.


Roman is a known gang member, a source told ABC 7 Chicago. He has been arrested and charged with resisting an officer.

Stillman has been placed on administrative duty. He discharged his weapon once during the encounter with Toledo, according to the Chicago’s Civilian Office of Police Accountability (COPA).

Because Toledo was a juvenile, the footage of the incident captured on a body camera cannot be released without a court order, COPA explained. CPD superintendent David Brown said the police department fully supports the investigation being conducted by the COPA.

“The split-second decision to use deadly force is extremely difficult for any officer and is always a heavy burden to bear for officers involved in fatal shooting incidents,” USA Today has quoted Brown as saying. He has also extended his condolences to Toledo’s family.

Toledo was in seventh grade. His mother Elizabeth Toledo set a GoFundMe page for his funeral expenses.

“Adam loved to play with Lego’s, saying funny jokes to make others laugh, he was a child that brightened up the room when he would walk in,” Elizabeth wrote on the page. “Adam had many dreams that he will never get to live out. Ironically, one of his dreams was to become a police officer.”

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  1. It looks like this “good boy”, “aspiring cop” etc etc was headed for trouble, habitually missing from home and running around with adult criminals at all hours. I’m sorry for his mom but I don’t believe the cops did anything wrong this time. Mom was both tragic and foolish. She thought Adam was such an angel when she should have been giving him a weekly behind-whooping. Ruben’s misconduct resulted in Adam’s death and he needs to be charged with murder. A conviction will be a slam dunk. Then lock Ruben up for 40 years with a daily horsewhipping.


  2. I have mixed feelings about all of this, even if Adam dropped the gun in front of him so the officer could see would he still be shot – it all happened so quickly. However I totally agree that Ruben Roman needs to be jailed for his involvement. Also the difficulty in finding him when he has had a warrant for his arrest for a while I don’t understand.


  3. Police should look into whether Ruben Roman lured young boys with promises, candy, drugs, exciting stories, sex, or whatever. It’s easy at that impressionable age.

    If he lured Adam, he may do it to other boys (and maybe already has).


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