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How risk-taking impacts your anxiety and health

NOTE: This was written by Vendy Adams and edited by Orion Estevez.

As teenagers and young adults grow, they try out many things out of curiosity, advice or influence. Each activity they take carries a certain degree of risk and some are riskier than others. Some might start smoking or get involved in crime or teenage sex. 

Others go to the positive side and probably take a demanding course, start a business while in college, go rock climbing or focus on inventing new technologies. Whether the risk is positive or negative, it has several effects on the youngster’s anxiety and health. 


Level of confidence

If a team of young people arranges for a hiking tour, it will cause excitement in their hearts and at the same time build a level of anxiety as they think about the risks. Individually, each might take time to diagnose the task ahead but cooperatively, the level of anxiety shall be diminished, leading to confidence. 

The result shall be less stress and their energies will build. Eventually, after they make it to climb the rocks, their confidence will even be greater and they might desire to face a greater challenge. The exercise will help build their physical bodies and their mood shall be positive.


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Brain health 

Risk-taking can cause depression, sadness and a lack of reason to live. At the same time, it can lead to joy, better cognitive ability and psychological stability. Let us take an example of two people who takes a big risk and applies for a huge loan. One person squanders the loan in lavish living, yet he has to pay the loan. The other one wisely invests the loan and makes multiple profits. 

The one who squandered the loan will soon be unable to pay and his anxiety level will rise. The person might become depressed and will keep thinking deeply about what to do without answers. He will not think properly and can develop depression. 

On the other hand, the person who invested his loan in the right things will have no problem paying. They will be at peace, relaxed and hopeful. Their brain will be thinking about their next big investment and will not be anxious. They shall be healthy individuals emotionally and physically. 


The health of the heart

Positive risk-takers will likely have a healthy heart. For example, a student might decide to pursue a difficult course in college. At first, they might be anxious about whether they will make it or not. If they find themselves managing, they will not be stressed or keep worrying. Anxiety may build pressure in the blood and endanger the heart, which can develop cardiovascular complications. 


Effect on relationships 

Risks that cause failure in life can make the affected person socially withdraw from people and turn to alcohol and drugs. Their relationships suffer negatively and they become anxious. They can become depressed and continually deteriorate in health. 

On the other hand, risks with positive effects lead to better relationships, love, harmony and care for one another. 


One’s personality

Some personalities offer a high level of anxiety than others. According to the study, the outgoing, social, and carefree personality might fear taking greater risks, but they are likely to take a negative risk due to influence. If a negative risk affects their lives, they will be more anxious about what their friends might say. They become emotionally sick and their personality is negatively affected. 

On the other hand, the introverted personality might be analytical and will likely take a positive risk, like starting a huge business while in college. They might be anxious about how it will grow, but the joy of accomplishing something big will give them hope. Their brain will relax and start thinking about ways to make their dream a reality. They will think better and be creative and this will positively impact their health. 


Performance in education 

Risks like engaging in competitive sport and investing in education tools might help the student to become less anxious and perform well in school. Another student who refuses to invest in their education or take time to study can become anxious and have poor health, leading to poor performance in class. 



Live is full of risks but when a person consciously decides to take a certain risk, he must be prepared to suffer the consequences, which can be positive or negative. A risk that produces positive results makes the person less anxious and their general health condition improves. A risk that produces negative results causes greater levels of anxiety which can lead to multiple health complications like depression, lack of confidence, and negative emotions. 

Author’s Bio:

Vendy Adams works for a publishing company that produces school and college-level textbooks for US and UK students. She has a solid background in academic writing and editing and works part-time for a thesis and dissertation writing service. Her free time is for reviewing local restaurants, hanging out with friends and playing tennis. 

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