NYPD cop Alyssa Vogel rescues Brooklyn girl Skye Martinez during Times Square shooting

Alyssa Vogel is a mother and a New York City Police Department officer. She did something motherly and heroic a day before Mother’s Day.

Coming from a family of police officers, Vogel used to be a gym teacher in Brooklyn, New York City, New York, United States. She joined the NYPD in 2017.

Vogel’s father, brother and husband are all police officers. In November 2020, she gave birth to her son.

On May 8, 2021, Vogel rescued Skye Martinez, 4, of Brooklyn during the shooting in Times Square near Seventh Avenue and West 45th Street in New York City. That day, Farrakhan Muhammad, 31, of Queens, New York City allegedly tried to shoot his brother in Times Square.

Muhammad was not able to shoot his brother. Instead, the gunman shot Martinez and two other female victims namely Wendy Magrinat, 23, of Rhode Island, USA and Marcela Aldana, 43, of New Jersey, USA.

Martinez was shot in the left leg. Vogel pulled the tourniquet from her gun belt, applied it to the leg above the wound and tightened it on the girl.

According to Vogel, she and another NYPD officer started searching for Martinez for other gunshot wounds. When the NYPD officer appeared on “Good Morning America” on May 10, 2021, she shared, “When it was determined that was the only one, I had an instinct to pick her up and run her to the ambulance down that block and that’s when I sprinted with her.”

For Vogel, it was nerve-wracking to hear that a child had been shot. The cop said she did not know the circumstances so her motherly instincts went to, “I need to help her.”

“This little girl is the strongest person I have ever seen,” Vogel said of Martinez. “For somebody who has just been shot, she was just standing there obviously scared but she wasn’t crying or anything. She only yelled when we were tightening the tourniquet because that’s very painful but she was very calm for somebody who was in a very traumatic situation.”


At the time of the shooting, Martinez was toy shopping at Line Friends at the Times Square with her father, her mother Sonia Romero and her aunt Danae Romero, 16. Danae told the New York Post that Martinez managed to stay calm and is now in stable condition. The aunt said her niece is

“She’s pretty tough, I guess,” Romero said of Martinez. “She’s always been happy. There aren’t many times when she cries and stuff.”

The bullet did not hit any important bone so Martinez did not have to undergo surgery. Meanwhile, Muhammad is still at large.

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