Augusta, Georgia’s Brittany Kennedy attacks Emily Broadwater outside Little Caesars Pizza

Brittany Kennedy (©Richmond County Sheriff's Office)
Brittany Kennedy (©Richmond County Sheriff’s Office)

Brittany Breann Kennedy, 25, of Augusta, Georgia, United States has yet to be arrested. She is wanted by the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office for battery over the attack on Emily Broadwater, 22, of Appling, Columbia County, Georgia at the Little Caesars Pizza on Wrightsboro Road in Augusta.

Just after 4:00 p.m. on May 17, 2021, Kennedy was caught on camera repeatedly punching Broadwater’s face before dragging her by her hair from inside the Little Caesars Pizza to right outside the door where the attacker stomped the victim’s head into the ground. While the victim was being beaten, her toddler daughter rushed over and tried help her mother. 

The attack was recorded not only by multiple cellphones but also by the restaurant’s surveillance camera. None of the witnesses and the restaurant’s employees intervened although someone removed the toddler from the scene.


“The safety of our crew members and customers is the most important thing to us,” Little Caesars Pizza director of communications Jill Proctor said in a statement obtained by WJBF. “In any case where a customer or employee is in danger, we advise our crew members to call the police immediately.”

According to Broadwater, she previously watched Kennedy’s children while Kennedy was in jail for another offense. After being released from prison, Kennedy allegedly harassed Broadwater repeatedly before attacking her at the Little Caesars Pizza.

Kennedy is 5’4″ tall and weighs around 150 lbs. People who have information on her are asked to contact the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office at 706-821-1020 or 706-821-1080.

Aside from Augusta, Kennedy has lived in other parts of Georgia including Hephzibah, Columbia and North Augusta. On September 24, 2013, she was arrested by the North Augusta Department of Public Safety for resisting and shoplifting, according to the Augusta Chronicle.

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