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Steven Welland biography: 10 things about Calgary, Canada man aka Swell 80

Steven Spencer Welland was a Canadian man. Here are 10 more things about him:

Steven Spencer Welland
Steven Spencer Welland
  1. He was born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada to Spencer Welland and Sara Welland.
  2. He is Jason Welland and Rachel Welland Nielsen‘s brother and Gary Welland, Alix Moon and Richard Moon‘s nephew.
  3. He attended Lord Beaverbrook High School and Mount Royal College, which are both in Calgary.
  4. He spoke English and Spanish.
  5. He was known for sharing amateur videos in adult sites. He allegedly recorded his male partners without their knowledge. His online handle was Swell 80.
  6. After living in Montreal, Quebec, Canada for some years, he returned to Calgary in 2007 and started a business called SW Renovations Inc.
  7. From 2007 to 2016, he operated SW Renovations Inc., which provided remodeling, renovation and finishing services to facilities, offices and houses in Calgary.
  8. In 2016, he left Canada for Central America.
  9. On the evening of May 23, 2021, he camped his camper van enabled as a house on private property in the Las Parcelas sector in Puntarenas, Costa Rica.
  10. At around 2:00 a.m. on May 24, 2021, he was resting in his camper van in Puntarenas when a man surnamed Lefevre Hernandez, then 23, sneaked up to the trailer, entered, gagged him and stabbed him 14 times. Neighbors reportedly saw the suspect leave then found him dead inside the vehicle. The suspect was arrested at the scene, according to the Organismo de Investigation Judicial. He died at the age of 41.

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    • Really??? He lied and deceived several of people and published porn without the victim’s consent. He went after young men in poor communities and lured them with false pretenses, all while making a profit.


      • So Larry, if Spencer had never published the personal videos he made in secret, the murder would not have been justified? Did these victims suffer any damage due to Spencer’s actions?


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