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An easy-to-follow guide on how to download your favorite YouTube playlist

YouTube (©pixabay)
YouTube (©pixabay)

YouTube is a great source of content. You can spend hours lost on its platform, going from video to video, channel to channel. If you are not careful, you can spend an infinite amount of time there before you even know it. But you have other things you need to do and places you have to be. If that is the case, and you still want to take your videos or content with you, here are some ways to download your favorite YouTube playlists and have them entertain you throughout the day.


Using streaming services to find and create playlists

Depending on your needs, you can find a variety of services and platforms that can cater to what it is you are looking for. If you are looking for specific music playlists like albums and mixtapes, there are streaming services and music services that you can use to find those songs that are already part of a playlist. You simply need to sign in, find the playlist you want, and save it to your favorites. The great thing about many streaming services is that they provide you curated lists that will also cater to your taste and preference in music.


Downloading the video

Sometimes, you want to download specific videos to be able to watch them at a later time or day. There are plenty of ways to download the actual video, with different software and programs. It is important that you find the right programs that can retain the quality of the videos you want for later to ensure that you are not struggling to see the video due to poor visual qualities. When you are downloading videos, be sure to convert to the highest possible quality and resolution, as well as using videos that were uploaded with the highest resolution as well. Downloading videos can sometimes decrease the level of quality.


Converting audio from video

One way that you can download your favorite youtube playlist is by converting the videos into audio. This will be beneficial if you want to listen to your favorite YouTubers on the go, on your commute, or during work. 

These are especially useful for videos that are not heavily reliant on visuals like podcasts or storytelling and narrative-based videos. Downloading the audio for your favorite youtube playlist through Viddly is perfect for a road trip, or when you are trying to add some entertainment at work or during your studying without being too distracted. You will download the program, then use the corresponding youtube link, and your file should be created in the format of your choice into the file folders you direct them to. Keep some factors in mind when you are downloading your favorite youtube audio. 

The quality of the video will directly translate to the audio file you create, meaning that if the video did not provide the optimal listening experience, your mp3 quality may not be the best that you are hoping for. Additionally, be careful about the content you download as certain material would not be yours to redistribute or use commercially if you are using these for video editing purposes. Even if you are using it for your personal enjoyment, downloading copyrighted material is against youtube policies, which you should be aware of before using any type of program or service.


Buying premium YouTube membership

If you feel hesitant about downloading files to your computer through third-party software or application, one thing you can consider is the premium membership provided by youtube. Subscribing to their higher tier membership provides you access and capability to download your favorite videos and playlists and watch them offline, even when you are not connected to any local wifi router or have to use your mobile data. 

This is great as you do not have to worry about things like legal issues or copyright claims on illegally downloaded material, and will have full access to all your playlists and favorite videos without having to manually recreate your playlists and organize your files. Of course, the downside is that you have to pay a regular fee for the service, so it is up to you to weigh the pros and cons and decide what is the best solution for your needs.

Downloading your favorite YouTube playlists is a lot easier than it sounds, and having that content with you is great for a variety of reasons. Just keep in mind you should be careful what types of content you download, and how you plan to use it in order to keep your operating legally. Additionally, if you don’t feel comfortable downloading such files, there are alternatives to fit your needs.

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